Magical Mystery Tour

I’m not one to look for constant affirmation about my life (ha! such a lie) but I really think you should all give me a pat on the back. It’s not like I actually blog when I’m sitting around at home doing nothing- no I wait until I’m on vacation (which I am right now!) to give you a blog post that is rife with these run-on sentences. I’m sure you’re as pumped as I am. :p

Here we are! You can kind of see the space needle in the background which means one thing: we’re in SPACE!

We’ve been in Space two days so far (starting the 3rd here soon) and I’ve got to say, not so impressed with Space. Although yesterday we went on a tour and I was impressed with the aquarium.

I think I watched sea otters so long I blacked out. It was awesome.

We also went on an Underground Tour, which was hilarious and informative. However, since I lost the charger for the newer camera I only have the old camera, which is not a fan of working in dark places.

Anyways, there was a fire and when Seattle rebuilt they built up, to the “second story” as the tour guide put it to solve their sewage problem. He also told us how a lot of their money early on came from a Madame Lou. I guess when an early census was done, there were 25,000 people living in Seattle and on one street or area there were 2,500 women… who all listed their occupation as ‘seamstress’.Β  Madame Lou came in and classied the ladies up. When she died she left a quarter of a million dollars to the city… which that kind of donation hadn’t been matched until Bill Gates started feeling generous. However she doesn’t get much respect in history because of her creative sewing skills.

We had lunch at a park, which was cool. (Although part of my complaint, which I’ll tell you about in the next post probably.) Then we went to Ballard Locks. Where there are a couple signs warning you to beware the fish stairs.

Anyways, the rest of my pictures are in my Seattle set on flickr. Check it!

3 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour

  1. I love Seattle! I did the Underground tour too and found it pretty awesome as well. πŸ™‚

    You need to make sure to get a cup of Starbucks there too! πŸ˜€

  2. We missed the underground tour when we went a couple years ago. We had a great hotel close to the needle, it was like a tiny apartment.

    Seattle is a great place to walk around and actually just look at the “everyday” stuff. There isn’t a whole lot “to do” in Seattle it seems, like touristy stuff. The needle, the wharf, naturally…the sci-fi and music museums were a good time too. You guys can appreciate the sci-fi museum for sure. πŸ™‚

    Seattle is just very clean and nice. Lots of good people watching. Weather was perfect when we went, sunny and cool. I know Seattle has a bad rap because of the coffee house culture, but it lends itself to it.

    I’d love to go back but with no specific reason to go (people or event) it is daunting to travel that far. Seattle beats Las Vegas though…no contest there.

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