Aw, nuts.

So I’ll step right up and admit it: I used to really like watching Hogan Knows Best. (Have I already admitted that here before? Because I’m getting the strangest feeling of déjà vu… but that could be from when I went to that Hogans Anonymous support group.) Of course it’s bad to admit that now, what with the Hogan family all in shambles.

However the one thing that I always wondered about was how those episodes always followed a theme. I mean, it wasn’t like a day or a week in the Hogan family’s life. It was like ‘the Hogans remodel the kitchen’ and then Brooke would write a song about kitchens and Nick would do like a kitchen sink full of drugs and make stoner kitchen jokes. Linda would find some weird kind of unrelated crazy kitchen themed activity for them all to do and Hulk would sulk about it but in the end he’d do it and have a good time.

So yeah, to abruptly switch gears here. I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory last week to meet with my knitting group. (It’s free after 5pm the first Wednesday of the month, so if you live in Columbus you should check it out! No excuse not to now.) Anyways, people probably thought I was nuts because Art (or at least the high brow art stuff) cracks me up. It’s laugh out loud funny to me. Because everyone is all about Chihuly… which is cool or whatever. To me (remember, I’m crazy) it’s goofy. Case in point:

Sure, throw some blown glass into a boat and call it a day.

Don’t forget the big ole balls that are scattered pretty much everywhere.

It was a really fun time knitting. I haven’t been knitting much at all this summer. Which is pretty depressing and would explain the absence of sweet knitting content. It’s not that I don’t still love it. In fact, I had this crazy scheme about three weeks or so ago that I would whip up some socks and get them done real quick and show you. Of course, since I’m nuts I was going to do all of these cool techniques I’ve never done before and yet still get them done in a week. Like toe up, two at a time, magic loop…

The two at a time was because I had one ball of malabrigo, (such amazing yarn!) and it would be the easiest way of figuring out how long I could make the socks. So I wouldn’t run out an inch away from the end of the second one. Which is also the reason for going toe up, once you pass the heel you can just go up as long as the yarn takes you.

Er, yeah, that heel part. Whoops. I’d never done toe up but I figured I could wing it. I was feeling pretty confident until I got to the heel when I realized “aw nuts, I don’t know how the hell to turn the heel on a toe up sock.” That’s where the socks have been for the past two weeks now. I mean, I blew through them at first. That stupid heel road block is such a killer though. A friend told me that short row heels are the best to do for toe ups. I’ve never done one and my first attempt failed pretty miserably. So it’s back to being lame for me.

Sorry I failed you socks. At least I’m really proud of the toes:

Pretty neat.

So yeah, I did go grocery shopping today and I bet at this point you can all guess what I was ecstatic to find at Trader Joe’s. Yep, that’s right:

**Seriously though, how did the Hogan Knows Best editors do it for so many shows? This is only my second themed post and dang. I’m over it.

7 thoughts on “Aw, nuts.

  1. Hogan Knows Best was good until I realized I was witnessing the systematic and emotional breakdown of one of my childhood heroes. And there’s a lesson there for all of us – never do a reality show. The show didn’t do anything more than make the Hogan’s divorce and bullshit twice as bad for them…of course, they’re all rich and stuff so no biggie – better them than me – but imagine finding out Superman was just a regular dude with a bunch of talentless children…bummer.

    And don’t get me started on “fine art” because I’ll be laughing right next to you. However, hidden inside that laughter is complete jealously that I couldn’t turn my “fine art” into a world renown traveling show that’s worth millions of dollars.

    And thanks for sharing about the freeness of the conservatory once a month. It’s a fun place to explore if the weather is nice, so I’ll have to make it a point to go! Do they have wifi? Maybe we can do a CAVEradio show from there. Ha!

  2. hey… i can help you with your heel less toe-upness! I just learned several new techniques, fresh from Sock Summit and would be happy to help you out. That blue is amazing and you MUST finish them socks! Am free all but Tues/Thurs next week. I may even make it to knitting on WED!

  3. The blue glass is pretty but yeah, I don’t get it. Why is he the bee’s knees? Are glass blowers rare? I don’t claim to know anything about art though.

    I liked Hogan Knows Best too and I felt kind of bummed when their family fell apart.

    I really do want to do a CAVEradio show on location. Just to see how long before we get kicked out.

  4. Hey! Found you via Ravelry and I have to say—I love your snark. 🙂 And you have created some beautiful stuff. I need to learn to knit, so badly.



  5. RE: Chihuly – Anyone who blows anything for a living is ok in my book. This isn’t a G-rated blog is it? Well, it’s not now!

    Let’s get an update on those socks, shall we? I heard they’re way more exciting now. *Smooches* You rock at short-row heels.

    Also, those look like great nuts. I’m jealous, cuz I love nuts. Which might be because I *am* nuts, but that’s OT…

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