Messy things

It looks like a bomb went off in our living room. I won’t show you photos because you’ll think that we’re filthy people who live in squalor. What happened? The attic needed to be cleaned out. I don’t mean like look around, move some boxes here or there and say it’s cleaned out. I mean get one of those giant trash bins and lets quit hanging onto a bunch of crap we don’t need. Because we really don’t need it.

Sometimes (I hate to be a buster but) that’s how I feel about lace. Sure it’s pretty and I like it but do I really need it? How often am I going to find myself at a lace extravaganza where people will go “oh darling, I simply adore your lace.” It’s nice, I’m glad I’ve finally finished mine and everything but what the crap am I going to do with it now?

Besides stare at it and see every rookie beginner mistake I made. I’m not a perfectionist and that’s why I think lace isn’t for me. Especially since this lace was such a mess. I probably won’t completely write it off, I mean, there will always be something ‘lacy’ on the needles I’m sure but not this full-fledged-lace-weight-six-charts-hieroglyphics lace. (On Addi lace needles no less, what the crap was I thinking? The sheer investment in those needles requires me to knit something else that will probably make me want to pull out my hair. Yikes.)

At least it’s behaving in this picture.

That’s right lace, don’t make me beat you.

Anyways, have I mentioned a bajillion times how much I love mail? Because I really love it. Or at least when I get something cool in it and not something lame like a bill. Although I’m totally cool with getting a bill if something sweet comes in the mail along with it. Well not too long ago these showed up in my mailbox:

Geisha doll and lady ninja. I’m pretty sure they’re on the run (against the ninja’s wishes) and they need a place to lay low and strategize against whatever evil opressors are after them. I don’t ask too many questions since it’s pretty much not worth it- neither of them talk much.

In other “news” there’s a place here that opened up that sells hot dogs, called Dirty Franks. We went and checked it out with our friends who are super enthusiastic about both hot dogs and trying new places:

I tried a chili dog and a classy lady with tots. It surprised me that I’ve lived my whole life without eating something that was named ‘classy lady’. I was really glad that got remedied in hot dog form.

Look at all that messy cheese!

So I know it’s been a while guys and you’re like, really? That’s all I get? Some wonky lace and pictures of hot dogs? Well I barely got that going since flickr keeps being all like “hey! I hate you! Especially your pictures of stupid hot dogs.”

I’m here and everything, life happens. Which I’m sure we all agree on that. I bet I won’t be gone as long again and next time I might even have pictures of hamburgers.

7 thoughts on “Messy things

  1. LOL at the lace abundance! I think that lace is something that you end up using more and more as you get older or something. I’ve been using it more myself… I guess I’m getting old by my own logic. 😉

    And love that ninja girl! She is ADORABLE. Cuter than the Geisha, who is still very cute in her own right.

    Yum to the hot dogs! Looking forward to burger pics! 😀

  2. The lace looks awesome! I have all kind of lace projects planned with no idea how I will utilize them. Maybe it’s like me and the tams. Once I started wearing one, I really liked wearing it.

    Yay for fun mail. Those are cute!

  3. ok you may hate lace as much as me, but crap, dude you finished and it looks amazing!!! Seriously, I know there are little bits here and there that aren’t quite right, but I don’t think the lace inspector will come a-knockin’. AWESOME FO! So glad for you.

    and that is some cool @ss mail, too!

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