Strap yourself in

I’m excited about this post! So lets get to it already.

First off, have you seen this picture? It was drawn by Morning Toast, who is 1/2 of CaveRadio, a weekly internet radio show. (There’s another 1/2 who is equally amazing although she didn’t draw me a picture.) Was that too much exposition? We could avoid that if you’d just follow me on twitter.

If you listen you’ll probably win a PartyBot 6000. Tempted now? I really hope tiny robots are tempting to you, otherwise this might be the wrong blog to be reading. Speaking of blogs, have you read this one? (I like his yearly music review.) It’s pretty neat. It’s this guy who beat a world record involving tube stations in London… so I guess now he’s traveling through the U.S. and visiting (in each contiguous state) places with tube station names. It’s cooler than that description. Anyways, Betty B has been reading his blog for a while and she somehow managed to trick get him to stop by our knitting group while he was here in town.

Elaine, Molly, Betty, Geoff, me. (In case you were curious or something.)

Betty got him to sign her tube station map. Then he called us a bunch of nerds. Because apparently knitters are a bunch of nerds. (Screw that noise, my cats think I’m cool.) He also apologized for his language when he swore, which cracked me up. What do people think a knitting group is- a nunnery? If I were ever in a group where it was inappropriate to swear I hope one of you would call for a deprogrammer. But seriously, he was a cool guy and I’m enjoying watching his road trip.

I’ve been kind of bummed lately because it’s hard to knit when it’s so hot. However now that I’m done making a baby blanket for my stepsister I can lay off the big hot sweaty projects. Example of a big hot sweaty project:

Isn’t that one big pimpin’ crib? I mean, she seriously got some sweet ass crap at her baby shower.

The pattern is the Chromium Star Blanket. Which, if you’ll notice, is actually crocheted. Yikes. This is the biggest crochet project I’ve done yet and I see why people like to crochet blankets instead of knit them. I also see why I will never enjoy big projects: I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Don’t worry though, crochet will never capture my heart the way that knitting has. Speaking of knitting- not much of it has been going on. However I did knit some washcloths for my friend and I guess they aren’t going to help the stereotype that knitters are nerds…

Exfoliate! Which now gets you a clip of the cybermen/dalek bitch off:

4 thoughts on “Strap yourself in

  1. Partybot Invasion!! And on our next show I will reveal the next evolution of Partybots. There is an exclusive Partybot up for grabs…oooo, now *that* is tempting.

  2. I’m excited about this post too!

    Exfoliate! Ok, I may have to start watching again just so I have a reason to make one of those 🙂

  3. I go to a group where “teh swearing” is frowned upon, but my excuse is that I was sucked in before I knew any better… I gotta hook up with a group where I can say just “the f word” all night an no one even bats an eye…

  4. What a great blanket on a decked out crib. 😀 You must be excited to be an auntie!

    Awesome dishcloths, even if they are a bit nerdy. 😉

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