na-nick nick nick, nickelodeon.

Because I wanted to stress myself out, I signed up for a swap on Craftster. The theme was old school Nickelodeon shows. I got the package from my partner today, here’s what she made me:

I’m all like, ‘hey y’all this here’s my loot’. My favorite thing is definitely the water bottle holder, which I will use for hiking… when I get around to hiking. Heh. The book thing is a journal, which I asked for. She kept the original books pages in it too, which is sweet because it has a lot of Rowlf love and Rowlf is the man. (dog baby thing) I love Rowlf. I want to start a fan club for him.

This is what I sent her and can actually take credit for:

(see more pictures here.)

The shirt says Camp Anawanna, which is from Salute Your Shorts (a show that was amazing and about a summer camp where there were like ten kids per one irresponsible adult). The only thing she wanted was that shirt, so I learned how to stencil for it. Which was intense! I don’t know how people do it but I’m impressed with them.

I also stenciled the tote bag to say Are You Afraid Of The Dark- another great show and was totally on my list as a fave. It’s a show where a bunch of kids sneak out and tell scary stories around a campfire. It was like horror movie baby formula.

I also made a bunch of Doug stickers for her and two magnets, which were pretty fun to make and led me to making…

Yeah! Apocaknits stickers. I made them, you want them- I want to give them to you. Don’t think “but what am I going to do with that?” Just stick it on your $2,000 laptop and never look back.

If I see you, I’ll probably force them on you. However I know there are people out there reading that I’ve never met. I’m not going to make you post a comment if you don’t want to- that would defeat the purpose of lurking. You can shoot me a cryptic or even cute and cuddly email at apocaknits [at] gmail so on and you know the rest.


9 thoughts on “na-nick nick nick, nickelodeon.

  1. Love love love the old school Nickelodeon stuff! You got some pretty awesome stuff there and I just love all the Doug stickers. And Are you afraid of the dark was just beyond awesome, IMO.

    And I love the stickers! You totally want to give me one! 😀

  2. I’ll trade you a Apocaknits sticker for (another) Partybot 6000! Although I must say I always picture a mushroom cloud of yarn when it comes to your name.

    I want stickers. I need to get a color printer bad.

    Was there any of “Today’s Special” stuff in that old school Nick bag? Or maybe You Can’t Do That on Television? Danger Mouse anyone?? (And I don’t mean Count Duckula, horrible!)

  3. oh! oh! oh! I want an apocaknits sticker! Are you ever going to come out of your lair or am I going to have to drive into Dublin Hell?

  4. I admit, I watched “Clarissa Explains It All” too, so sue me. Of course, I also loved “Hey Dude!” so I’m not sure which one is worse.

    Anyone remember Inside Out Boy? He swung too hard and went over the top bar on the swingset and turned inside out. And Blue Banana Man!! Ohhhh!!

    With all the cable channels out there they need to launch a Classic Nick station. Like Boomerang that shows all the old Nick stuff. Pinwheel House, Today’s Special, YCDTOT, Hey Dude, Rugrats…all that stuff.

  5. haha the stickers turned out awesome!!

    Oh man this takes me back…I want to watch these shows again like I used to. Tv for kids these days just isn’t the same as it was then!

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