Okay, I feel pretty bad for pulling a Houdini and disappearing from the internet abyss. I hope someone felt the impact of my absence and lit a candle somewhere.

This time I’ve been gone I’ve done some navel gazing and came up with an answer for why I haven’t blogged for over a month. The answer is: New Years Resolutions. Something I’ve learned about myself this year is that if I don’t go all the way for a resolution, I apparently go the completely opposite direction. So when I stop taking pictures every day, it’s not enough to just stop, I have to never take another picture again. Or something less dramatic.

Anyways, I did go on a vacation. I didn’t take that many pictures though, at least for me. That’s when I realized, ohhh yeah, I should have all kinds of crap to blog about. I’ve been down on the blog.

So, vacation:

We went to Savannah, GA: home of big ass trees.

John seemed to have a good time, despite the Universe conspiring against him. He got one wicked sunburn that blistered and itched him to death. Then as his back was healing we were getting out of the ocean and it started to hail! So it was like tiny little whips hitting his healing back. Still, he took it all like a champ.

While he was suffering I spent a lot of time hanging out watching the ocean be magical.

Plus I spent some time looking down at the water with my mom.

Yeah, I like to party on vacation with my mom. Only that’s kind of an ironic statement since she loves to party way more than I do.

The nicest thing was when we went on a garden tour.

This garden belongs to the tour guides friend and is her backyard. So it was neat to see what the backyards of these crazy nice houses looked like.

Here we are pretending we own the place. Which made me dream of some day owning a house that people tour parts of. Anyways, it was a really relaxing vacation and what I needed. I felt much more energized when I came home. Well, except that the day after we got back some punk kid prank called me all day, which gave me a twitch.

Still, I’m starting to feel a lot better about things. I might even start taking some more pictures soon.

If you want to see the few pictures I did take of our vacation, you can view them here.

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