Hah! Good one Granma.

After consulting with several people I’ve come to an undeniable conclusion: both of my Granma’s are awesome. They’re totally wicked.

However, most of you know of the one in Minnesota because she taught me how to knit and she often shows up here because she either sends me sweet projects or sends pictures of her projects for me to “put on the computer.” She loves when she gets comments on her Ravelry projects or little hearts. Sometimes we chat on gmail and she says nice things like this:

Phyllis: Yes, I keep up with you on ravelry pretty often–you far out do me. I like the looks of your project and especially the color yarn and how neat it looked when you had it spread out. I also keep up with your cats–they seem content.

I far outdo her? Hah! Until she unleashes the fury on me. Which, it’s really too much fury for one person to handle, so I’m unleashing it on you now.

At first she made a sweater for Louie, however it was a little too big. It’s almost like a dog Snuggie. (Wow, I was unaware there were so many sites devoted to the Snuggie.) So she made this instead:

Look at how happy he is! He knows he looks good. Now before you get all testy and like “wait, I come here for the CATS, not the dogs.” Well dang.

The most camwhoreish of all our family members. I pull out the camera and everybody runs but she just plops right down on whatever I want to take a picture of. Also, the little nail caps match the rug since they’re green. Creepy? Coincidence?

Granma crocheted some rugs for John for his birthday:

I wish I could crochet. Then I could use up all my acrylic. Which I sorted through all of my yarn this weekend and got everything in really good order. Which is nice to look at but it also told me just how much acrylic yarn I have. It’s quite a bit. Here are some after shots:

Also, sorry if you were spammed by me on Ravelry since I was getting my stash page whipped into shape. I know you didn’t want to see so many generic pictures of yarn but I needed to make it happen for my own sanity. Anyways, Granma also sent me a scarf to go with my blue coat:

Plus a delicate angel/lady thing that has a bell in it, which I have riding my piggy bank now:

So what exactly do I outdo her in? Because it’s looking pretty much like the opposite here.

7 thoughts on “Hah! Good one Granma.

  1. Your 3 pages of Ravelry friend activity do a fellow yarn-ho proud. And here’s to your Granma, she’s clearly a very giving and talented woman, makes us mere humans look bad.

  2. I had an awesome grandma, too. It’s been thirty years and I still miss her. She was the best.

  3. Why don’t you know how to crochet? Have you tried and didn’t get it or do you secretly hate it? I’m a firm believer if you can KNIT you can definitely crochet. I’d be happy to show you some basics sometime if you so desire.

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