Mostly amazing

For every winner… do you ever feel like you get more than your share of duds? I mean, even when you’re making a winner something has probably gone wrong with it, or is about to go wrong. It’s like, dang, can’t catch a break here. Well that’s definitely how I feel about painting pottery. A hobby I should seriously consider giving up. Because before it goes in the kiln it looks cool:

Then when it comes out you can see every streaky brush stroke… well unless you know what you’re doing. Then grats, you’re a better person than me. Still, at least this one came out kind of cool with the flaming yarn ball. Everything else is a hot mess.

Also, it was my second time around on the mystery sock “Cablicious” and it wasn’t feeling good. At least, I wasn’t feeling good about it, although the instructor says I’m too hard on my own work and need to chill out. Which is funny because they’re usually telling me the opposite at that store (rip out). So I frogged my second Cablicious attempt and I’m going to say my final attempt. Usually I don’t even give things a second shot, so you know I must like the stuff that’s coming out of the mystery sock class.

With all of this failing, you’d think things would be looking down… but they’re not really. As long as you have a pug in your life nothing is really as bad as it seems:

Oh majestic pug stallion.

P.S. Sax wants to wish you guys a happy Easter. She’s all about it.

2 thoughts on “Mostly amazing

  1. You know what I was thinking about this weekend, Porom attempt #5.

    I finished my Optic Mitts using only one skein of each color, but I bought two skeins of each, so I was thinking about making a colorwork hat and then I thought….this dark grey would make a really nice Porom. It’s just that I love Jared too much to give up on one of his patterns. TOO MUCH LOVE!

    And BTW, thank you again for inviting me to pot painting. I love my vase!

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