I hope you all want to see a smug ass face.

Yes, I finally have my very own Clapotis! Sure, everyone and their mother has knit one. But did they knit theirs with their very own yarn baby? Speaking of said baby, it really is beautiful. I’m not going to lie- I wasn’t 100% sold on it when I bought it. There was some buying peer pressure happening. Once it was rolled up into a beautiful cake I saw the allure of Briar Rose. The colors are freaking eye popping gorgeous. Plus when you feel it, well, it certainly doesn’t feel like wool. (Which may be a good or bad thing depending on who you are.) So all of this combined is enough to get a big old smug face from me. Plus there’s just something about dropped stitches that beg to have their picture taken from every angle imaginable.

It was such a satisfying knit! The pattern called for size 8’s but I went with what the yarn recommended because I figured since the dropped stitches were going to be huge, no sense in having big crazy stitches. While I like the stitches and the way the fabric feels, it made the scarf very wide and not very long. (More a shawl or “stole” than a scarf.) Plus at the end I thought I would run out of yarn so I didn’t do one repeat… and of course I had more than enough yarn left. It was deceptively dense in the middle. I need to stop winding stuff so there’s like a fist of yarn in the middle. Although I don’t think I wound this one, so I’m going to pass the buck on that.

Which reminds me of this quote that my friend liked from that movie Closer: “Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood.”

This picture is pretty goofy but I figured, what the heck? I’m so excited about this project. I’ve pretty much knit it for a month solid to get it done. Everything was jiving, the yarn was great, the pattern amazing, the needles were making stereotypical clicking noises. I just kept losing steam and wouldn’t touch it for a day or two because I’ve had some severe attention problems lately. Watch movies? Read? Listen to music? Go outside since the chance of it being nice is 50/50- so much awesome stuff to do.

Wait- I mean, crap. Now they’re going to revoke my blogging license. Did I just say that I’ve not been knitting because there’s just too much awesome stuff to do in life? My life is just so freaking great all the time that it’s hard to focus on anything for any extended period of time. I’m thinking if this blog attests to anything it’s that I have craft project ADD. I started thinking about all of the projects I’ve started lately that I don’t even talk about. Like, for a foolish month I thought I’d try my moms craft and cross stitch something. The cats stopped that. Then my friend Miranda helped me get fabric to sew up an apron and a dress. When she asks about my progress all I can do is look sheepish.

Have you missed pictures of my cats? Because this one has definitely missed being in front of the camera.

5 thoughts on “Win!

  1. Oh! I love it! It makes me want to knit another one, this time full sized, out of my own yarn baby. Yay for the clap-o-teeeee!

  2. It’s freakin gorgeous!!! I really was in love with my Clapotis scarf. Actually…I’m making another. 🙂 There really is something about dropping stitches on purpose that makes them exquisite.

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