I’m older!

I guess birthdays are supposed to get lamer as you get older, so I’m not looking forward to all that noise… because this one I just had was a good time. My dad took me to see a movie, which we do every year as a tradition. His birthday is the day before mine so it’s pretty cute.

This is him modeling the bug vacuum, which boasts that “you can play with bugs without ever touching them.” All of the obsessively clean kids out there- rejoice!

My boss is pretty great too-

Although I maintain that working on my birthday (which was a Saturday!) merited a cake. He went above and beyond and got it from some fancy pants French bakery. After work I went to a roller derby:

The Ohio Roller Girls vs. the Northstar Roller Girls (from Minnesota). If you haven’t checked out a roller derby you should because they’re a lot of fun. It’s good to go with someone who knows what’s going on though. Otherwise you have to get a little creepy and listen in on knowledgable people. The derby also rocked because I went with Jessica.

Aren’t her teeth like perfectly straight and white? I’m always amazed the pictures she takes.

So yeah, I got to see people, got to eat good food, got some sweet ass presents. My mom got me a swift and ball winder:

I guess that means I can’t give up on knitting. That’s the big time, right? Oh man, now I’ll probably never knit again. Crap.

7 thoughts on “I’m older!

  1. Happy birthday (oops, late!), seems like it was quite fabulous 🙂 And yes, the ball winder now means you have a “real” commitment to knitting, hehe. Unless you just love winding yarn and looking at it, which I have to admit sometimes I do 😉

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like it was a wonderful day, as it should be. 🙂

    Ooh and the swift/ball winder combo is amazing, isn’t it? I just got one myself and am having tons of fun winding balls now, LOL!

  3. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a blast! that roller derby ref looks like he’s going to kill someone.

    oh, I finished that hurricane hat pattern you sent me and it looks pretty awesome. I’ll have to send you a picture soon. ball winder? you are so hardcore!

  4. I’m only a few days late, but Happy Birthday!! Looks like super fun! Your posts always make me chuckle to myself. Out loud. I wanna munch on that cake, it looks scrumptious. Kudos to your boss!

    Yes, swift/ball winder combo = big time. You’re doomed. DOOMED! Actually, I don’t know how you could live without one. I used to have to go to the LYS to wind my balls or do it by hand. Now I can wind up that yarn without a second thought. Even at 2am! And I’ve done that.

  5. maybe it’s the year for good birthdays, mine was pretty swell too! 🙂 Glad you had a good day!

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