50 Cent goes to Iraq

Have you guys seen the ads for this game? We don’t see too many ads these days but it feels like the internet is actually targeting this household for the new 50 Cent game. Are we their target audience? Definitely. However all of the ads are ridiculous and amazing. I mean, from what I’ve gathered this game has got to be like National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. Only instead of Wally World they go to Iraq. And instead of Chevy Chase it’s 50 Cent. I might be wrong but I certainly hope I’m right.

So I finally finished the first cubee I started. That’s right, it’s the cradle of cubee life. The cubee Mesopotamia for me if you will (which I don’t blame you if you won’t.) I give you Ramona Flowers:

She’s got some spark in her. Hopefully not too much or she’ll be gone in less than two seconds but you know, a little spark.

I haven’t been up to too much I guess, at least knitting wise. I did paint some pottery though because there was a special on Lincoln’s bday, the painting fee was only a penny! Way better than on Washington’s bday where they upped it to a quarter. I mean, which President are you going to like more with those prices? I decided to paint a bowl for my ungrateful asshole cats.

It says “Saxy Cat.” Because that’s what I call her and I do call the other one Shmoobot. It came out pretty crappy in my opinion. The green for the Saxy Cat part came out way lighter than I thought it would and the blue background paint came out super streaky which I don’t really like. Plus you can see what a train wreck I ended up making Sax’s face. Live and learn I guess. I’m exciting to go back and paint a mug. I’m thinking either something knitting themed or a Mickey mouse themed mug for my mom.

I got my hair cut last week and because I need to share every detail of everything I do with you, here’s a picture:

Which I kind of like this picture because it makes me think that’s what I’d look like if I were a cyborg and had a crazy cyborg eye. You know, a cyborg who can turn the world on with her smile. Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile.

4 thoughts on “50 Cent goes to Iraq

  1. I love your new hairdo! I SO wish I could pull off bangs and short hair but I tried that once in high school and yikes! Never again, LOL!

    The ceramics look nice… they’re definitely not professional, but I don’t think your cats will mind one bit. 😉

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