Sorry 2D, you’re too square for me

Okay, so let’s pretend Valentine’s day just happened. I mean, in the grand scheme of time it’s not that much of a stretch. Anyways, this Valentine’s day and just lately has been all about sticking it to the second dimension. While it was adequate before it is now pretty much useless since this is the future we’re living in. Also, I can’t stop myself from cutting stuff out of paper and giving it some… dimension.

Wouldn’t you like to go to work and find a TARDIS waiting for you? BAM!

Pretty swanky right?

Me and John went out on Valentine’s day and saw Coraline in 3D, which was pretty neat. While it wasn’t ‘creepy’ it did creep me out in some parts, if that makes any sense. There were a lot of scenes that I thought were great in 3D but I felt like I would have been really bored if I were just watching it normally. Maybe they did something different for the different screenings? I don’t know. Here’s the trailer if you have no idea what Coraline is.

Of course I had to make a paper doll for John for Valentine’s day so I made him his very own pipboy:

I also got him a shirt. Although he got me something a bajillion times better because he’s always doing sweet and frustrating things like that. One of these days I will get him a better present and then I’m sure everything will reverse like in Dogma, you know, black will become white, happy will become sad, cats and dogs will start living together. However Chris Rock will still be a wise acre because you just can’t keep him down.

Hey, remember knitting? Yeah, neither do I. But since we’re on the topic, I’ve been slowly manufacturing a Clapotis. I won’t even link it because I’m sure you’ve all either seen it or made it and if you have to see another one your eyes will start bleeding. Well look away:

This was before I dropped any stitches and I wish you could feel this fabric! I’m loving this yarn and while the pattern is keeping my attention the sheer enormity of it and that fact that it’s going to take the whole year to make is a little daunting. At my LYS they always talk about customers in terms of how ‘prolific’ they are. Oh you know Susan, she’s such a prolific knitter, she knit a whole wardrobe for her little granddaughter. Sometimes I wonder how they would describe me, would they say, oh you know Lindsey, she’s so antiprolific that she started knitting something and somehow ended up unraveling her shirt.

Actually I know what they would say about me: she needs to quit her bitchin. I started a new Mystery sock, which you all have seen around here before. However into the second repeat I started noticing that Shi Bui pools. Noticeably. I did not know this about Shi Bui. I took it in and said what’s going on here ladies and one of them told me that oh yeah, Shi Bui does that, she knit a pair of socks with cables in the same colorway I was using and it did the random pooling and she just loved it.

Are you noticing how I’m talking in past tense here? Because I frogged those suckers. FROGGED. You hear me? Even though they tried to tell me I was crazy, the owner agreed with me: yes that is some skanky pooling. Also yes it is my time and money. And while we’re at it, it’s not like they spun and dyed the yarn themselves so why take it as a personal offense? She told me I could bring the yarn back and get whatever I wanted. How awesome of a store is that?

Before I go, my friend decided that she was ready to break out of the land of garter stitch scarves and start playing for keepsies. I told her she should knit a hat. Well that’s exactly what she did. In a day. Because she pretended like she needed some hand holding but she really just needed a cheerleader.

See how happy she is? Next thing I knew she was at the LYS buying some llama yarn to make Felicity. This girl’s a pro y’all, give her some props.

4 thoughts on “Sorry 2D, you’re too square for me

  1. I forgot what I was going to say. But yeah, I’m one of those crazy prolific knitters everyone is always talking about. They told me they do. Not sure how to feel about that. lol Usually anyways. Since I started working I think I’ve lost my knitting brain cells.

  2. You clapotis will be done before the year is out, I’m sure… just keep plodding along. 😉

    Oh and LOL at the yarn ladies thinking you’re crazy for frogging those socks… I totally would have done it too. Unless the pooling is awesome (and to me, it rarely is), I would have frogged those suckers myself as well, haha!

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