Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

You guys rock!

I was feeling all down and out and really putting the “blah” into my blog but you guys rock hardcore and disregarded it, left me some awesome comments and just generally rocked my face off. Completely. I’m now devoid of a face but that’s cool- I don’t need one anyways. Honestly, who needs a face?

Er, okay, now that things have gotten creepier than I originally intended, let’s move on to something pretty amazing: I finally finished a project from a while ago. The ladies in my knitting group are probably like, yeah, we know and we’re tired of seeing that stupid thing anyways. Because I would bring it and look at it with such great intentions then it was like the second I touched it all motivation and goodwill drained right out of me. All that was left in me were expletives. I started this project with ‘enhn’tentions and now I can finally… uh… crap, I don’t know what to do with this thing.

It’s the Round Baby Blanket. Only mine looks like a crazy ass sun. After I washed and steam blocked the pointy parts so they’d stop rolling up. It was windy in this picture but it sure is nice outside. Golly.

Another thing I’ve worked on recently is this:

Now I’m thinking with portals.

My boss sent me a link through twitter to these cool cubee things that I’m totally digging. I asked John to print one out for me from his work and started on it last night… but due to printing malfuctions, half of Ramona Flowers head was missing. Whoops! This is going to be something that I get totally creepily into for like a week and then forget ever happened. But now that it’s on the internet it will forever be etched into history as my craft of the moment. Yeah!

I don’t know why but any and all Scott Pilgrim news is exciting to me. While I’m not the biggest fan of Michael Cera, I think that once he buffs up, he’ll make an awesome Scott. Although you can disregard the things I get excited about because I’m also excited for the new Crank. So now you have something by which to judge all my previous statements. Also, let’s all LOL at the fact that Crank 2 is rated R because of “frenetic strong bloody violence throughout, crude and graphic sexual content, nudity, and pervasive language.” Are you excited yet or what?! Also, do you think Crank 3 will be in 3D? I’m about to burst just thinking about it.