big time bad news

Do you know what has stopped me from completely melting into a puddle of lamesauce? You guys. The other day when I was talking out loud to John to try to motivate myself to do stuff by listing out what I need to do I said “I need to take pictures to put on my blog or else they’ll think I’m a slacker.” They? The internet! Don’t you realize what serious business this is? If someone on the internet thinks I’m a slacker well then that’s big time bad news.

A while back I traded yarn with my Granma. She sent me this really nice purple alpaca/wool blend. Well I sat and looked at that yarn and asked it what it wanted to be and it sat and stared back at me. So when I broke my yarn buying resolution two days into the new year it was actually to buy some yarn to go with the purple yarn.

Speaking of resolutions, all of mine are effectively broken. Well, I’m still hoping to lose some weight or at least get in something that can be considered “in shape” (meaning not the blob monster I feel like recently or that Wii Fit confirms I am). This winter blah crap is not helping. All of the other resolutions though are caput. Although I’m still trying to not buy yarn unless it’s necessary because I’m saving up for… something we’ll talk about in the future here. Plus when I walk in my closet it cries. The yarn actually cries at me. “Lindsey,” it says sniffling, “you loved us enough to buy us, why won’t you make us into something beautiful?” Closet guilt trip, yeesh.

So I made a hat!

It is a seriously goofy hat too. It comes to a sort of Pope hat point. It’s also pretty big considering I cut out some rows and knit it on some small needles. If I were to knit this hat again, which I might because I’m curious- I would switch out the colors. Make the purple the main color and the white the contrast. I think that might make me like it more.

While I’m glad to have finished something, I’m kind of ‘enh’ towards the outcome. Story of my life right now! I need to get out and get active, that’ll hopefully make me less of a Grumpy Gus. I hate sitting around focusing on how fat I am, how nothing I knit looks right or pleases me and how I haaate what I’m reading. Well I think things have at least turned around there because I’m finally done with stupid Wuthering Heights. Sorry if you love that book but it just killed my happiness. Okay, I’m done hatin’ and being lame, at least I hope so! 🙂

I still have a ball of the purple and of the white left, I don’t know- should I knit another hat only reverse or should I think about making some mittens? Hrm.

Also have you guys listened to Feed the Animals by Girl Talk? Do it!

10 thoughts on “big time bad news

  1. I don’t see how anybody could like that book. It was so depressing. Maybe you should have read it in the summer.
    The hat is great. Why don’t you make mittens and reverse the colors, or reverse just one mitten? It’ll give people something to think about.

  2. I loved that book, because I am all grey and broody and wuthering. And you’re cute as a button, Lindsey! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! You coming out tomorrow night?

    And obvs I am not stressed over the internets and their need for me to update my blog…you don’t need to be either.

  3. omg the hat looks great, I’m curious about the outcome by switching the main color! but who caress right!? lol
    I m with you on the with winter-weight thing agh

  4. sooo… hat looks good! I think you should go for mittens… whatcha gonna do with 2 hats? 🙂

    that is some awesome stranding/pattern work though… PROPS!

  5. Glad I can be of some assistance. 😉 I actually think that hat looks smashing. Although I’d never wear it, but I hardly wear anything I knit. Seriously, it makes me sad. And I’m totally feelin’ ya on being a bummer. That’s what I feel like today. Let’s get some drinks and blankets, watch tv and knit.

  6. I like the hat! I also like the idea of making mittens and reversing the colors! Let us know what you decide to do.

    Are you gonna hike this weekend?

  7. i’m so excited to hear that i (as part of the collective they) have such power over you. you better post more often or i’m going to get all judgemental! was that threatening? i hope so. i love your blog and more is better.

    resolutions are dumb anyway.

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