Today was the greatest…

Actually today wasn’t half bad. I went to Damon’s and watched something… what was it? Oh yeah, maybe you’ve heard there was an inauguration today:

My pictures came out weird so you get a weird picture. It was neat, I mean how often do you get to watch a seemingly cool dude get sworn into office and get potato skins at the same time? That’s not an every day occurence around here, let me tell you. As a random aside though; I think Michelle Obama is a gorgeous woman but that dress that all the correspondents were frothing at the mouth for was doing nothing for me. Also, people need to stop saying she’s the “next Jackie O.” because she’s not, she’s Michelle O., so just call her that.

The other day I went and looked at some frozen waterfalls and I thought I’d share with you my favorite pictures from that excursion. So here they are!

Also a random icicile that wanted to be preserved on film before it’s untimely demise:

It’s wonderful knowing people who open your eyes to such beautiful things that are right in your own backyard. 😀 Because of Betty I think my Project 365 looks a million times cooler than when I just sit around and take pictures of my cat:

Hey! Did you notice that I got an actual header for my blog now? I know nobody goes to blogs or websites if they don’t have to or whatever but you should definitely check it out and tell me what you think!! I actually really want to get the flaming ball of yarn carnage as a tattoo… Thanks to Crystal, as always, for her tireless effort.

8 thoughts on “Today was the greatest…

  1. Wow those frozen waterfalls look really awesome! Great shots!

    I didn’t know you were doing a project 365! I’m doing one too.

    You should join up with Ravelry Project 365 as well and share your set there too. 🙂

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