While the merry bells keep ringing..

So I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t feel rushed or pressured this year. I’m just doing the fun stuff that comes with Christmas. And if nobody is satisfied with their presents this year they can just EAT ME.

While I should have been out figuring out what the heck my dad wants for Christmas… I decided to get a Christmas tree instead. Which Shmoo was very helpful with.

Well, she could only do so much without the thumbs and everything.

As much as I love the tree, it’s missing something. Or well, a few somethings. Like a skirt (oh my!), garland and a topper. Psht. Just a few things. However it does have lights! Which John is both entertained (“can we light the tree now?”) and frightened (“holy crap that’s red!”) by. But he made the final decision that we should have a red red siren song tree. So, here it is all lit up pretty like:

Isn’t Shmoo a beautiful model? Honestly, I couldn’t get a picture without her in the frame. She is seriously digging this Christmas stuff.

I’m just excited that we have a big time grown ass adult tree now. Although I still love our Charlie Brown Christmas tree… I want to do something with it but I don’t have enough ornaments to split between the two trees. In fact I’m a little worried our BTGAAT is going to fall over because I put everything on the front to make it look like we’ve got something going on.

Speaking of which, I want to share some of our ornaments with you. So I’ll do that when one for this year. Hopefully. Usually I go shopping with my dad for Christmas (and we get one then) but I don’t know how much that’ll work out this year.  It’s a pretty fun tradition though!

Well, I also made a gingerbread house! With my friend Heather and her mom.

Are you all in the holidy spirit yet or what??

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