When life gives you knitting needle lemons-

I pulled this out of my bag the other day:

My needle completely splintered out of existence. Does this crap happen to people normally? All that was left was the metal holder and a little nub of wood. I want to say this was the first time something like this has happened with me and the Harmony needles but that’s a boldfaced lie. Because the other day my size 10 popped right out of the metal holder. Just like ::pop:: oh you didn’t need this right?

And me in my infinite wisdom thought, okay, no problem here, I can just superglue this thing and make it right, yeah?


So when life give you lemons, get a new camera:

Also, tie an ascot around your cats neck because that’s always hilarious. Or at least their indignant little faces are.

To be fair, Sax keeps scratching herself a new sore and since it would be mean to get a cone for her like you do with dogs, she gets the jaunty little neck tie. Also to be fair, I called knit picks all in a tiff and they said that no problem, they’d get me some new needles out. But while I’m waiting a month for them to get here because of all the holiday mail madness, will that vest make its Christmas deadline? So I got some Addi Turbo’s from my yarn shop. Which they found the whole story endearing in a “haha, that’s what you get for buying needles off the intarwebs sucker” sort of way.

You win this round Life.

5 thoughts on “When life gives you knitting needle lemons-

  1. Great cat pics…but I just want to know…how did you manage to paint your cat’s nails and still have both eyes accounted for?

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