Watch out!

I never thought I’d get any of these projects I’ve been working on done… they seriously just felt like they were never going to get done. However, even though I was pushing it right up to the last possible minute before last nights mystery sock class, I did manage to get mom’s socks done. (The socks I’m giving her for Christmas. So suck it Christmas monster!)

I think they came out pretty great! Although the tension in the second sock is way wonky, it almost looks like there’s no pink. Which is funny because the whole time I was freaking out about not having enough purple. Ha ha ha. I had a whole baby fist of purple left.

My favorite part is definitely the striped heels and mismatched heel flaps. Because I came up with those all on my own! I think it makes the socks look a lot louder than they probably should be, which might not have been a great idea for socks for my mom… but she’s pretty crazy, so her socks should reflect that- don’t you think?

Hey everybody it’s the yin-yang twins! Oooooooooooh, pretty cheesy, right?

But the only real problem, besides all the tension wonkyness is that mom’s socks, mysteriously, fit me perfectly:

Watch out mom, I’m coming for them.

9 thoughts on “Watch out!

  1. Great looking socks! You should be proud. I made a mistake recently and joined a second sock club. I must be losing my mind.

  2. Pretty niffty socks you made. You are going crazy with Christmas gifts you have already finished……… I am jealous!


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