Gratuitious Knit Shots

So yeah, I probably shouldn’t post pictures since they’re all “half done” and that’s what really ruins the full done effect since it’s like… yeah so? We’ve already seen a million pictures of that torturous lace. But I feel like I’ve been running dry around here lately. Maybe it’s because it’s been a year since I started this thing and I only have a year in me per blog. If that. o__O

Or maybe it’s because I’m l-a-z-y. Either way, here are my half done shots:

I’m loving the pattern… about two repeats back though I realized, you know what would have made this better? If I’d held the yarn double. Also, it would have made lace better for me in general if I didn’t have the attention span of a goldfish. Er, whoops. There are some big mistakes… but I’m thinking this scarf/stole thing is big enough that in the end it seriously doesn’t matter.

Okay, so this sock is kind of funny. It’s another mystery sock from Temptations. Called “Fade Away”. Well, I decided I’d finally really knit something for my mom. I always start out knitting stuff for her and then something big and dramatic happens and then next thing you know, the project doesn’t get finished… or it does and goes in the projects I hate but won’t get rid of pile. (Which resides under the bed with about two pounds of cat hair.)

Well socks are a different story. With socks they’re such a labor, even if they’re fun and you love them that you have to give them to that person… because they’re that persons size and it’s weird to hang onto socks that don’t fit you. So I’m playing fast and loose with the yarn because I’m like, she has a small foot, what’s the big deal? The picture isn’t representative but the foot, although when measured it’s an inch smaller than my foot, which is her size… actually fits me perfectly and looks like a monster foot compared to what my moms foot looks like.

At least it’s wool, it’ll shrink. I’m still just like WTF? That could be yarn that I could have saved! Because now I’m cutting it real real real close on this second sock. Real close.

Oh yeah… I had delusions of grandeur that I’d knit John a sweater for Christmas. Then his mom gave me a whole list of things that everyone would like to have and I’m like… well, I need an after Christmas project… right? Plus it doesn’t get super freaking cold until January anyways, amiright?

Anyways, it was my friend Heather’s last day at work last week and it made us all really sad because she rocks. Luckily we made a sweet ass friendship that should hopefully survive. (*knock on wood*) Anyways, since we’re obsessed with Sonic tots, we made our boss an honorary tot member:

He looks super freaking stoked, right? MonsterTot and FrankenTot.

One thought on “Gratuitious Knit Shots

  1. you crack me up!

    and I think the socks look kind of big and bulky too, but mine fits me, perfectly. of course i also have ridiculously wide feet, but whatev… hope your mum likes ’em! I love the colors of yours, they are super cute!

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