This just in: I slack and play video games.

Right at the height of the “why am I not getting anything done” part of my year, they go and release Fable 2. Gaaah, thanks a lot jerks! So now I’m obsessed with hunting down useless treasure in this game world. (It’s just like the real world only I don’t move as much.) I also stayed up super late last night playing with my cousin who lives in Florida…

Clicking that will take you to his website. He plays a lot of games, as is evidenced by his wild Gamerscore.

I just got my account this month, so I’m feeling really lame right now guys. If any of you out there in Radioland play xBox- PLEASE FRIEND ME. Er, not that I’m desperate for friends or anything, just you know, if you’ve got the inclination… I will love you forever and always.

Plus, I’m glad that Fable2 came out because next week it’s all about…

This evil homewrecker. Well unless they totally mess it up, then ha ha! I will be victorious. Do you guys have favorite games?

Also, I feel like I’m making progress in my lace but I’m still only like 60% done. Because I just realized: lace is a friggin whore. Plus I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken pictures of the five projects I’m working on because that will ruin the surprise. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Not that I’m a lazy bum.

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