Meet Ernie!

So lately I’ve had a big FAIL! word bubble over my head. One day when I got home though, I found this guy waiting for me:

This is our new member of the family: Ernie. He was crocheted by my awesome Granma. You might remember her from previous posts. She pops up a lot. She’s cool like that, you know with her extra Granma senses and powers.

As much as I was willing to embrace Ernie almost instantly as a member of our family, the cats were a little weary. Which is weird. I mean, I thought cats and crocheted dogs went together like peas and carrots…

Can’t they take out all their aggression towards real dogs on his durable crocheted exterior? These are the hardball questions I ask every day. Along with questions like: why aren’t my projects knitting themselves?

Shmoo needs to get over herself. I mean a levitating crocheted wiener dog is a pretty normal occurance around here. I’m starting to worry whether or not she’s getting along alright. Then I see her sprawled out in the most random places, like right in the middle of the floor-

-and I figure, she’s fitting in fine.

Ernie’s ready to hit the road:

Pumpkin Show here we come!

3 thoughts on “Meet Ernie!

  1. You are so clever when it comes to words and pictures…..
    I like Ernie and it sounds like you do also! That makes me happy!

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