Total ‘Enh’ihiliation

You ever get the feeling that you fail at life a little? A lot? I keep thinking, I should post to my blog… but I have no good news to post. I just have sort of “enh” news to post, which usually doesn’t bother me but it’s just one more thing. Damn, I am a total downer, let’s just skip to some pictures.

This is my Seascape Stole, or what I’m supposed to be finishing up for the Ravelympics. Only I got tripped coming out the gate. Everything was fine, I put in that lifeline that you see, then the actual pattern started and I tried to do something complex with stitch markers and next thing you know ::riiiiiiiip::. At least I had that first lifeline. But still, I couldn’t even look at this thing without making a dirty face at it, so I lost a lot of time.

Then I realized, I’m only a knitting superstar in my head! I don’t actually have deadlines so what the hell am I fretting over? To celebrate this self realization, I told John he should buy that TV that he wanted.

And he did!

You know, at one point… I’m going to say it was last year, we were responsible people who believed in things like “saving your money” and being “adults”. But this year we are totally like pfffffft, forget that noise and we’re being good consumers.

Speaking of which, those buttons in the first photo were from Craftin Outlaws:

Which I went to with Dana, my friend who was visiting from New Mexico. She was a bridesmaid in another friend’s wedding this past weekend. (We went to Craftin Outlaws after, where Dana got compliments on her dress- which she totally made herself!)

This is us ladies at Emma’s wedding (she’s the one in the white dress *ba dum tsh*). Congratulations Emma and Jimmy! w00t!

Yep, that’s about all… I was going to post and tell you guys to vote for me in that contest buuuuut, I didn’t make it into the semifinals. Hell, I didn’t even get an honorable mention and there were about a million of those. So I guess the moral of that story is: I fail. Also, the other moral is: stop trying.

Ha! Roidmato laughs at your misfortune.

5 thoughts on “Total ‘Enh’ihiliation

  1. Nice TV! I think we’re in similar situations, I have like, nothing to blog about. But seriously, it’s not like someone is paying me to blog (the other way around, actually), just like no one is waiting on us to finish our knits. So it can be all about chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.

  2. Oh, you mean we’re supposed to update our blog? Hmmm…what a novel idea.

    I love your dress! And John’s tv. And the roid mater. I’m having Lindsey envy.

  3. Your stole is beautiful. I love the pattern. Awesome TV dudes! Ummmm I am very jealous of the tomato cuz mine are still green so send some roids my way to help them ripen. 🙂

  4. I’m feeling some serious television envy about that monster screen you have. It looks a little tippy, no?
    Just noting that because I wouldn’t want to have the double sin of schadenfreude when you come to work, red-eyed and drippy-nosed (wait, don’t you do that anyway??), because your TV has tipped over and suffered a mortal TV injury.
    Seriously, love the blog. I can really see how much fun you have with it. And those great entries–I was attempting to imitate your unique voice, but alas, I have failed.

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