Things on my mind…

I have had some real serious crap on my mind lately. However in the midst of all of that I keep having the same debate pop up in my head, so I’m going to open it up to you people out there:

Most Successful Hype Man?

Flava Flav? or…

Lil Jon?

It’s such a hard decision. I mean, I’m pretty sure Lil Jon makes a boat load of bills every time he utters the word “Yeah”. However, Flav is well, Flav… He had two (maybe even three?) seasons of a bunch of hussies wanting to be his, woman? wife? escort for life? I was always kind of confused what they were competing for- at one point I thought it was chicken. Apparently that was just a bonus.

Still, while this is a battle for the ages, I think we can all agree on:

Least Successful (Lamest) Hype Man EVER:

Fred Schneider from the B-52’s. Although some people would argue that he has a fancy German word (sprechgesang) for what he does and that he’s not in fact a hype man- I’m calling him out. HA!

Even when my mind gets tangled and troubled though, I’ve got to remind myself that at least I’m not in the Boo Box. What’s that? The boo box Smee.

(pictures link back to their sources.)

4 thoughts on “Things on my mind…

  1. great post! those pictures are amazing! I go back and forth myself.. I’ve never really watched Flavor of Love but Public Enemy is pretty amazing. And I gotta respect a dude that can make a fortune by just sayin “yeah” but how can overlook a man with a giant clock? so yeah… tough call.
    what’s been on your mind?

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