A Daunting Task

When you’re a little one, sometimes the simplest things to everyone else are a pretty big task in your book. Speaking of books… as much as I love them, they don’t really help in the matter. I think it was when I was fifteen that I finally started to think that a witch wasn’t going to shove me in the oven anymore.

Even things like bathing make the most hearty and steadfast get a little weak in their knees.

Tubby, while cute and ‘bubbly’ is also a big intimidator to this little guy. However, it’s always a big comfort for me to take something that you might not enjoy and relate it back to a fun thing… like a day at the pool!


Tubby by Anna Hrachovec at Mochimochiland. These pictures are for the contest. My friend Crystal made this figure for me from a very specific picture I had in my head. You should check out her shop! Say you like to collect a specific thing, like, oh I don’t know, raccoons… (*cough*) and you think, man, I really want some raccoon stitch markers- well she will make you some. They will also be super adorable. If you tell her that you saw her shop ad here, she’ll probably even cut you a deal, since you’re a friend of a friend. 🙂

12 thoughts on “A Daunting Task

  1. Very cute. Just looking at all the knitted bubbles overwhelms me. Probably not too difficulty, but there are A LOT of them. Love the little guy and his innertube!

  2. wow tubby turned out amazingly! I hope all of the other entries cry when tubby kicks their asses and you win that contest! I agree, those bubbles are mesmerizing. great job!

  3. When do you find the time for all that puttsy work? You always do such a lovely job when you do a project. Where does your patience come from?
    You have my vote!

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