I’ll give it to a midget

I’m not dead! (Just maimed a little by life, woe is me, weep weep)

The thing is, I was secretly promising you, my dear blog, pictures of something finished finally. Weeeellllll, there’s a story behind that. See, I was working on a baby blanket for a friend. Then she randomly sprang a deadline on me and said, hey I’m having my baby shower! (Last weekend.) Well, okay. So I worked and worked and this is where I got to as I was leaving the door to go to her shower:

Close but not quite. It also looks a lot smaller but I think once I add all the little points, it’ll be a good size. Not as big as it probably should be but big enough for a baby blanket and small enough for a security blanket or “Linus blanket”.

Since I didn’t get this sucker done and I was working on it up until the last minute, I figured, crap, might as well go and get my friend something else so we got her a bunch of picture books… including my favorite kids book:

Because we got it, we showed up to the shower a little late. Plus the shower was randomly kind of far away. So I felt bad and thought great, I need to apologize for being late.

Well, we showed up and she wasn’t there. The shower started at 2pm and at 3:30 we walked out of the door and we were super miffed to say the least. I should’ve taken my damn books with me, honestly. Who doesn’t show up to a shower for themselves? She wasn’t in labor. Hell, the baby isn’t even due until September…

So now I have this stupid baby blanket and it just needs a little bit more effort put into it to be finished but what in the crack am I going to do with it? Gah! Okay, cat picture now:

Awww, I feel better now. Although I still don’t know what I’m going to do about this blanket. Whatever, I have other stuff to focus on finishing. Plus there’s other fun stuff happening here, like knitting in nature- look a bird!

Then we reached the promise land:

Much like in The Land Before Time. Only less dinosaurs and more knitters. What else? I’ve been reading and of course saw the Dark Knight like everyone else and their mother. Tomorrow I’m going to go see The X-Files movie with my mom. That’ll be… it’ll just be. Plus, I became a Big Sister today! However, I can’t really post about that yet because I’m still worried.

Oh yeah and John’s cat thinks she’s a person:

5 thoughts on “I’ll give it to a midget

  1. hello, like much of your blog. and now wanted to ask you a favor if you would give me some tips on the manta of baby they are doing, the round, I will have a new niece in January and would like to make a blanket equal, but they are bought, not acedre to buy.
    you for attention, and the comment.

  2. I have been in the same situation: kitting a baby blanket as a gift and BAM! Baby shower deadline. I hate when that happens!

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