Not mine but others

So a long time ago (almost a year! holy craaaap) this blog started out as a joint effort in crime against humanity. However, after a while there was still only one post by someone who was not me, so it just became my blog. My blog about me. Not even about knitting because according to John this blog isn’t about knitting it’s about a knitter who does things and sometimes happens to get some knitting done. (so.true.)

Still, while I am breathing, I don’t think I can post all about me me me right now… at least, this second, give me a minute to warm up by showing you this

Well shoot! It’s a picture of me. Looking like a total doofball yokel. Ronanda knit the hat and while I gave her instructions on felting (check the hat every two seconds! Are you checking it? ARE YOU CHECKING IT?)… somehow it felted into that thing. She said she didn’t wander away, she just stood there over the washing machine and daydreamed. Well, I can’t fault her on that one since I don’t have any FO’s to show due to my constant daydreaming. Still, this isn’t about me, it’s about Ronanda:

She’s a beautiful laaaaydy. This is her holding her very first sweater! It’s the Men’s Dressy Sweater from Suss Cousin’s Hollywood Knits and she made it in Wool Ease. She made this sweater for a boy… who is kind of a jerkface… but I guess he’s going into a cold cold monastery to become a monk, so hey. Now he can wear Neo’s sweater and it might give him Kung Fu. There was a slight problem:

It turned me into a hunchback!

No, the hole for the head was a bit on the ri-freakin-tiny-lous side, so it was hard to get the noggin through. Everyone is finishing things though:

Cath finished her socks.

Mollylouhoo finished a baby blanket AND discovered she had an armpit. Just one. Oh! She also had a birthday, which means she’s a whole year older!

This is her being all cute with the yarn at her retro themed birthday party. This past weekend was a lot of fun, we saw the fireworks near us which were pretty amazing and sweet… then we went to John’s families house and played in the backyard like real grown adults do. Here’s a picture of his sister having me eat a wooden watermelon:


3 thoughts on “Not mine but others

  1. Awesome blog post…. The hat cracks me up. You would think by the look on my face I had already worn those socks for a year without washing them. PEWWWWWW or was that Molly’s pitt? JK

  2. I can’t help but say hello…I’m an addict–knitting of course! I found your blog doing a google search and see that you have a friend, Ronanda. It’s very rare to come across others who share my name (I’ve never met another Ronanda in person)…and to find one that’s a knittier. Whoa! You look like a fun group. Happy Knitting.

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