“would you like to purchase a care plan for your sneakers?”

I have been such a bad blogger, I’m sorry. In my defense… well I don’t have one. But knitting has been happening and I’m kind of close to being done with some things. Maybe. Depends on how slackery I get. Although I don’t feel like I’m being slackery because I feel like I’m reading books but then I don’t have any books to prove my point because I am a slow reader. So when I say I’ve been reading books, what I mean is I have been reading one very intense book. Called Cloud Atlas. Which, if you come to my library you will see that it’s on the recommended reading list for summer.

Anyways, here are some pictures that I finally got off of my phone and wanted to share with yous alls.

Last week I taught my friend Heather how to knit. Look at how much fun she’s having! Although I’m pretty sure that she already knew, otherwise she’s one of those genius people who catches on at light speed.

Speaking of Heather, sometimes during lunch we go to the Cupcakery and make some cupcakes. This one I was proud of because I didn’t go completely overboard with it:

Aaaand because you come here for the yarn and not the cupcakes (well maybe you come for the cupcakes too because cupacakes ROCK!) here is a picture from a trip John and I took to Medina:

This is a yarn shop called Studio Knit and it was a lot of fun to check out.

4 thoughts on ““would you like to purchase a care plan for your sneakers?”

  1. Sneakers? Is there a hidden message that I just can’t find even after reading this post 10 times. 🙂

    Note to self ~ i must have cupcake. Do you really slop it up anyway you want?

    Heather looks like a pro with them needles! I am sorry I missed that evening.

  2. Is the cupcakery a bakery where you get to decorate your own cupcakes? If so, that is awesome and I’m jealous that there isn’t one here!

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