Ideal Stores

So I’ll just randomly start this post out by saying that tomorrow will mark a year since John and me tied some sort of knot in infamy and looked at each other lovingly and said “sure”.

No, he’s a pretty stand up dude. Don’t let me fool ya. I still have no idea what to get him though. I guess anniversaries aren’t as big of a deal as I was building them up to be because everyone I’ve asked can’t remember what they got their sig. oth. for their first ann.

Does it bug you when people constantly abbreviate things that don’t need to be abbreviated but they do it to be cool or something?

Yeah, me neither.

What does bug me is that sometimes I get the shaft when I go into stores. Well, both John and I get a lot of crap. I think a good majority of the disdain radiates because of our baby faces. Although John is growing something on his face to cover up the baby smoothness.

This photo isn’t even completely current because I did make him cut the hair and trim up the… yeaaah. Well, once his hair got cut, something happened and it was like he magically morphed into Abraham Lincoln to me. Which, I don’t know if anyone here has ever seen Robin Hood: Men in Tights but the other night I was like “Hey, Blinkin” and he was like “Did you just say Abe Lincoln?” Then we tittered. OKAY WE’RE YOUNG. (And pretty damn weird.)

But does that mean you have to belittle me when I come into your store? My crazy baby money is just as good as snooty old jerk money.

There is a yarn shop around here that I pretty much refuse to go into anymore because they’re just complete snobby aholes. Or at least the woman who owns it and was always magically there when I went was mean to me and just an unabashed beeeyotch. Which isn’t to say that the yarn shop I go to now isn’t completely filled to the brim with snobbery- oh, it is. However, I usually get over it because of the amazing selection and fact that they’ll leave you alone and not follow you around like you’re a thief… Hrmph.

Anyways, I started thinking about my ideal yarn shop. Which made me realize that I’ve had this problem before I got into knitting… oh yeah, that’s right- I had this same problem with comic book stores! Now, I don’t pretend to be some sort of comic expert or even comic novice, I just like to read em because I like the art and I like the storytelling sometimes.

So there was this store near where I used to live and they were pretty awesome. They always had recommendations that really hit home and the guy who worked there was bald, which completely fascinates me- oh, and he also happened to know what he was talking about 100% of the time but without being pretentious about it. This guy really hit a home run with me. However, after every recommendation he would look around and say, oh yeah, I guess we don’t have that in right now but I can order it in for you. So two weeks later I get a call and I’m like, wait, what’s in? Whatever sense of being amped up I had was pretty much faded by the time the comic got in.

That made me run to the other store, which usually had everything that I’d ever wanted… and then a totally brain dead zombie running the cash register. It’s a scary thing when you’re contemplating checking somebody for a pulse and then expecting correct change, let alone recommendations.

I needed a middle ground!

That’s how I feel about yarn shops too. There’s a really great yarn shop (heh) and the people are awesome and will give you all kinds of advice on how to save money even. Then there’s the shop that actually has the yarn that I want.

Also, speaking of store snobbery, I got a new computar!

My last trip to the Apple store was pretty disastrous. However this trip was FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Oh yeah and I also got a promotion at work! So things here at Baby Face Central are pretty awesome. Or at least when people at stores aren’t being jerks. C’est la vie and also psycho killer, qu’est que c’est.

5 thoughts on “Ideal Stores

  1. wow has it been a year already!? congratulations! John’s beard is out of control!
    lol I totally know that bald dude that you’re talking about at Comic Town. They suckered me a few times when I asked if they had something and they ordered it even though I know I could’ve just went to Laughing Ogre and bought it that day… but the people at Ogre have hair and are lame. What you need to do is find a store where you know one of the employees so they will give you a 10% discount.. cha-ching.

    I can’t really tell from the box but is your computer’s keyboard incredibly thin? fricken awesome.

  2. After 50 years of looking, I can honestly say that there is no perfect store.
    And if you live in lower Delaware, there is no store period.

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