My slow descent…

Into all things cute!

A sector of our knitting group took a trip the the Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster.

Sweet wonderful Wooster, which as we all know is home to… The College of Wooster. Ouch wikipedia.

All of my pictures are on my Flickr, so feel free to browse around.

I wanted to do a post that’s just as cute as Mollyloohoo’s but you can’t beat wanting to take a possum in, you just can’t. However that did make me think of this:

Still, not to be outdone, I have a cute story of my own. You see, yesterday I was making twice baked potatoes:

As I was putting them in the oven I looked out the window:

Which led to:

Yeah, sometimes life is pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “My slow descent…

  1. I am so jealous! I need a knitting group! How fun that you took a field trip 🙂 I LOVE twice baked potatoes and those baby ducks in a row are so adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

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