shhhh! It’s a secret…

I want to sit down and have an honest heart to heart with you right now…

It has been very hard to not document every second of making this next project. You guys know me, you know that I like to give you almost up to the second progress shots of what I’m up to. I’m not a secret keeper but I kept that last post a secret (mostly because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get it done/mess it up horribly/set it one fire out of frustration) and I kept this post a secret.

It has been espeically hard because I want us to be honest with each other. Of course, hopefully you’ll only be honest in a totally positive and up beat sort of way and not a “Jesus, you sure are looking fatter in your pictures” sort of way. However I can’t control that and that’s cool! So, I just want you guys to know, it is nearly impossible for me to keep anything from you.

Okay, so what am I talking about already?

Bam! Total sock domination.

Although, if I were only waiting to post a sock, I would have done this two weeks ago, because I swear the first sock flew off the needles… it was that lousy second sock that tripped me up.

Still, I murdered that second sock:

I’m thinking that the first sock flew off the needles because I knit it starting out with bigger needles than I probably should have… which is also why the one on the right is all slouchy. Er, whoops. I think some elastic thread should clear that up nicely though.

This was all part of a Secret Sock group that meets at my LYS once a month… apparently. This was my first time going and I’d say it was pretty successful. What do you think?

Most people who know me have already heard my story about the meeting and I can’t really tell it over the interwebs, however, the clientèle at this particular LYS happen to be a very specific brand of swanky. The woman who designed these socks named them the Double Diamond socks, after a ski trail or something.

My first thought when she told us the name was of that Outkast song ‘The Mighty O’:

Maybe I should throw a double diamond party in the North Pole
Invite all the writers and journalists, even biters will tournament to see
Who can be me better than me?

I shared that with some of the ladies the other day and I’m pretty sure tabula rasa couldn’t be blanker than the stares I got. Ehn, it’s just a lesson to pick and choose your audiences… I think?

Oh! Hey! Remember these?

Yeah, I forgot about them too. I want so hard to take credit for these, but as you can see, I only finished the one. Then got so fricken mad at them that I shipped the suckers off to Granma, who was a nice gracious lady that finished them for me. She also added super cute buttons.

Also, because you love me, I’m sure you’ll tolerate a picture of my cat hamming it up for the camera:

Last night, when the pizza man came, she ran out the door. She seriously made a break for it. You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to catch a cat with a gimpy leg but dang she can run fast when she wants to! So, our solution to this problem (after I caught her and gave her a lecture like she could actually understand English) was to buy her a leash. I’m hoping the embarrassment and shame will make her never want to run away again.

Also, if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’ve hit another road block. It’s so bad that when I think about what I want to knit next, that crappy song from Evita pops into my head; “where do we go from here…?” Should I be proud or ashamed that I saw that movie in the theatre?

5 thoughts on “shhhh! It’s a secret…

  1. Girl get knitting while you still can! The socks rock and so do the mits. I can’t wait to go next month. What date was that again? Oh man does that mean I have to purchase sock yarn? Boy oh boy I will need to get budget approval for that at our finance meeting tonight. If you hear a loud bang you will know why….. Schmoo is so dang cute. I have some new pics of Poo modeling some WIPs to post soon.

  2. The socks look great, but the difference would make me crazy. I know I would have to take one of them apart and start over. What can I say? That’s just me. The mittens are awesome. Do people still use that word? How can you NOT have pictures of your cats in your blog? Happy knitting!

  3. Hi: Those socks are neat. The Secret Sock meeting must have been successful–I am impressed. Did you knit the socks on circular needles? About the gloves–I thought you would like the buttons. Were these the gloves you started for someone else? Do you think your cat will like the leash? Have you chosen another project yet?

  4. I love the socks – blue! That’s a darn nifty design too. I’m stuck with my knitting because I know I need to stitch up a dress before moving on and I’m procrastinating on that like crazy. In the meantime, there are the placemats.

    You have to find something to knit so you can knit on Wednesdays!

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