Mini nanner

Hope you guys aren’t tired of fruit yet! (If you are, that last line was a warning then to maybe not read this post.) Since I have no idea of what’s appropriate ever, I showed one of the bosses at my work my crazy wack blog and she humored me by saying it was cute. Then she asked me if I could make a banana for a baby kit.

Well what’s better for babies than a baby banana? I think George would agree.

This was my first attempt at crocheting on my own and I think it came out pretty stellar (let’s just ignore the nubbin on the top) so there. :p Nyaaaaa.

John and I agreed that Curious George has gotten way cuter than what we remembered. Or maybe being ugly kids, we just imagined everything else to be ugly…? I mean, I don’t know about him but I was definitely queen of skinned knees. Speaking of John, his facial hair lately has been a constant source of amusement to me:

I don’t know if the picture is doing the redness justice or not. I love it. I want to call him Big Red but even just typing that I’m afraid that I might need to sleep with one eye open tonight.

As far as blogging goes, I feel I’ve been pretty lame lately… especially since I never know when to use then or than. Also, I haven’t been knitting too much lately. I haven’t been reading too much lately. Or sleeping. I have absolutely no idea what I’ve been doing to be honest. I just hope whoever is abducting me isn’t using probes.

Kitty pictures!

Pattern: Baby Banana

See, it’s stuff like this that makes me thankful for Ravelry.

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