Mother– son of a– ! Goats.

I won’t share my crazy form of swearing with you all here… however I felt the need to share that I am doing a great deal of it today.

Do you all remember way back when (I think it was when this blog had something to do with knitting…?) I said I was knitting that Yosemite pattern from knitty? Well I went to my knitting group last night and I finally said out loud what had been weighing on my mind…

“Geez, this thing is kind of heavy. Do you guys think it’s going to pull it down?”

When there were nervous glances back and forth I knew for real that my fear was a reality. I mean, dang.

So I got all worked up. Who can I blame this on? Those nice sweet ladies at the knitting store, that’s who! It was totally all their fault, yeah, definitely had to be them. So I got my game face on today and I went in and said, THIS IS VERY HEAVY please don’t beat me up.

Also, I want to point out that I had a good seven or so inches of this sucker done. I mean, I was heading back to increaseville in no time at all. Whatever was going on in this world in my head, I figured it would work out something like this: I would go in and gripe. They would listen to me empathetically, nodding their heads and telling me that I’m awesome. Then one of them would pull out a magic voodoo needle, tap it on my sweater a couple of times and *presto* everything’s roses.

You already know where this leads:

I couldn’t help but sniffle while she made me hold my sweater as she wound it up. Daaang.

Although… this is a step in some direction. Uh, the opposite of where I wanted to go but a step nevertheless. Right peeps?

They had me try it on (before it became those balls up there) and it turns out it was also HUUUUUUGE. So what did they recommend? Going down a needle size and also going down a size in the pattern.

However (and this is where you guys come in)

I’m not 100% sold on this pattern anymore. I just don’t know if I’m a mollylouhoo who can rip out five times, go down to an extra small and generally take many a lickin’s and keep on tickin…s. Plus, oh, PLUS! Since the Yosemite is all ribbing, I have about twice as much yarn as I really need. I could maybe even knit two (tank) tops with it, so it’s not like this amazing yarn would go to waste. What do you think?

Since wordpress is being a jerk right now, I’m sorry but you’ll have to click on my link and go to the actual poll. Sorry!


You let me know! Because I need to know. 🙂

Also, right after I uploaded that picture someone commented on it but it turned out to be spam… however, the spam was so hilarious to me, I figured I’d share it with you.

5 thoughts on “Mother– son of a– ! Goats.

  1. I voted start over. However, I think you should queue it again and start over with a different yarn. Go with your instincts, if you don’t love it, then hey, find another use for that gorgeous yarn! Make some tank tops. Or a tube top if you are daring. 🙂 Then later, maybe you’ll find a better yarn for that pattern. It is a really cute sweater/shirt/thing. 🙂 Next time, swatch, measure, block, measure, then block with ribbing stretched, measure. That way you know how far the top will stretch when on you. Do a little math (yes I know, the dreaded maths!)

  2. I say start it over. You will have huge satisfaction when that beautiful sweater is finished knowing all your hard work and stitches turned out so beautiful!


    Have you checked out that yarn on rav to see what patterns others have used with that yarn? Maybe it isn’t a good match.

    OK so I am wishy washy….. Hell I don’t know….

  3. Well, like you said I am a glutton for punishment. I just can’t stand the thought of a pattern getting the better of me! I am a strong woman, g-darn it and no knitting pattern is going to f-with me. I say try again and then save the extra yarn until you come across something else you want to make.

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