super awesome happy fun day!


That’s my manic unicorn 😀

I think he’s had a super awesome happy fun day. Mostly because today his promotion became official! He is now a senior something or other but you can call him senor badass. We also went out to eat for his birthday and got a desert brownie that I took a very dark picture of (it’s on the flickr). Then, since I was tired of hearing him talk on and off since Christmas about how we should get a friggin XBOX 360…. I finally got fed up and said, sure, why not?

ONLY on the condition that I get a cute pink controller and Juno. (Okay, so I also was the one who was rallying for Rock Band since that’s the only game I really want to play on the whole system.)

So yeah, John’s birthday = promotion, crazy brownie, XBOX 360/Rockband. He’s got it super sweet here guys, I’m just telling you. How did the cats contribute?


(ps Avenue Q was hilarious and great! (Except for my obstructed view thanks to the blob man in front of me the whole first act.) Sorry I dropped the ball on that, this week has been pretty crazy. What with the promotion, we went away last weekend, I had training at work… blah blah blahblahblah)

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