4 thoughts on “I’m off!

  1. Ok first off very nice shurg! Great job….

    Secondly…. I am trying to figure out when I became so out of touch with Pop Culture. I really had no frigging idea what Avenue Q was. I had to Google it…. Did you guys have fun?

  2. OH! I am so jealous! I waited too long to get tickets! I was raised on Sesame Street and so the idea of Sesame Street all grown up and talking about drugs, sex, and the general ennui of young adulthood? Man. It just doesn’t get any better than that. So I am bummed, but I am also a pimp…and pimps don’t commit suicide. (that’s right, I saw the Southland Tales…what was that movie actually about? It was like Donnie Darko and Dude, Where’s My Car had a baby and raised it in a Spencer’s gifts)

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