Something fishy…

My week so far seems to have a theme… kind of like an episode of Hogan Knows Best. I would draw this whole post out and do a sort of Blue’s Clues “can you figure out what I want you to do by searching for paw prints” post. However I feel like you might reach through the internet and punch me. So. Take that forth wall.

First there was this.

Then there was this. Which is supposed to be a worshrag but John is using it as a mouse cover. (Is there irony there? Alanis Morrisette still has me all screwed up on that.)

Cath was nice enough to give me a refresher on crochet, which led to these babies:

Pattern: Crocheted Jellyfish

Yarn: I love you Caron Simply Soft Brites! especially since you have an exclamation in your name.

Maybe there’s other stuff… but I’m afraid my addiction to googly eyes has left me plum tuckered out.

3 thoughts on “Something fishy…

  1. I like the fish. I will have to try to make them. You can have the crab legs. For me, it has to be freshly steamed blue crab pulled from Chesapeake Bay that morning. I really missed them when I lved in California.

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