For real.

I have no idea what I have been doing lately, for real.

I started Yosemite, from this latest knitty and I’m using some sort of Cotton/Soy mixture which feels so freaking sooooffffft. It’s called Cotsoy. I feel hot and cold about this shirt though. First of all, it is a yarn eating monster. It pretty much takes all I have to give and then doesn’t call me back the next day. Jerk. Then there was something weird about the pattern and I was like, wait that’s not right, so I went and checked the pattern and it had been edited. I don’t know if I have feelings about that or not but it did make me think…

It covers the important parts, so I think I’m done.

Then, for my birthday I went out with my dad and he helped me pick out some yarn for a shrug, saying that the color would translate to Spring/Fall.

What do you think? I think it looks kind of Wintery myself. However he does a lot more with color than I do, so I’m inclined to just go with it.

Our birthdays are a day apart, so we usually do something every year. It almost always involves me dragging him into some sort of craft place and making him look at everything. My dad’s a good guy who at least pretends to be interested. I like that about him.

Besides all of that though, I’m convinced that little demons are sneaking in at night and stealing my memories about what I’ve been doing. For real. All I know is that I’ve been losing track of time, hours even. Which makes me worry that I have an alternate personality wandering around. Hopefully they’re like a hot Brad Pitt version of myself. Although, it helps when there are pictures to document the time. Here I am sitting in a big metal/mesh chair:

See, that’s got to account for at least… five seconds of my life.

The other morning I woke up next to this:


I realized that I am bad at knit blogging because even though I don’t post that often, I usually don’t make too much progress. So you see every step of my knitting process. Here’s a picture of a sleeve. Here’s a picture of the sleeve hole. Now my turtle is stuffed- oh but now he has eyes! Hahaha, I’m a mess. Either way, I am already thinking about the next thing I want to start on and it’s between these two:

Drawstring Chemise


Ribs and Lace Tank
(Both pictures belong to Interweave.)

(Ravelry links) What do you think?

2 thoughts on “For real.

  1. I like the color for the Yosemite, very soft! Between the two camis…my heart belongs to the ribs and lace tank. It’s easier to dress up and down…plus it’s got shaping to it…always a good thing!

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