Baldy’s Hunt for Prime Real Estate

Once Baldy got his eyes affixed, he decided it was time to make it on his own in the world, which meant one thing:

New digs.

The first place was not so great. It was high, so high that it gave him vertigo and it was pretty dingy to say the least. Baldy knew a slum when he saw it, so he hightailed it out of that mess.

The next place was a little lower and a little less dingy… but twice as frightening with the big loud scary things that whirred by (some of which were really hideous colors, not that he was judging anyone). So Baldy decided, this really isn’t the place for me, plus this fence is pretty stake-y, I could loose a googly eye- yikes!

Then there was the big plastic house. Well, it was obvious that wouldn’t do since his number one fear is suffocation. Sorry big plastic house. How about something more nature oriented?

This dead bush is too prickly. While it is more natural than a big plastic house, this is just not cutting it.

Something green… this is weird and out of place. Although it needs to be a little higher to protect a turtle like Baldy…

Honestly, this:

is not protection at all.

Ahhhh, now that’s more like it. Home sweet home, at last!

He just hoped the agent was kidding when they said it would cost him $250,000 to live there…

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