Spring Forward!

(Sometimes I honestly groan at my own titles.)

Hey, guess what?

(I hope that was enough time to guess because…) I finished the SWF Sweater!

(I’m channeling Reese Witherspoon here.)

I feel pretty good about this sweater! John told me that it looked like I could have bought it and then he went on the compliment my “even stitches”. What a doll baby. I like that no matter what kind of messed up stuff I did to it, it’s still pretty presentable.

First of all, this is the first project I actually swatched for. Then I went ahead and completely ignored the swatch because it told me bad things and called me names. So, I ended up going down a needle size from the preferred or recommended. Okay, no biggie.

Then I remembered my first sweater and how it sits in the hall closet because it is so baggy and just heavy. Which reminded me, always knit down a size when knitting raglans! So, even though I might have been pushing it with medium, I said whatever and knit the small.

Uh… then to compensate at the part of me where I am medium (read: potbelly) I started adding random stitches for my voluptuous curves. Yeah, that sounds way better than potbelly. How this sweater didn’t burst into flames from all the jacked up nonsense I put into it… I’ll never know.

Moral of the story: despite me being crazy, stuff does eventually get knit. Also, this is a great pattern for a first sweater. I think any person who wants to knit a sweater and is scared to do so should knit this one because it is so easy and great and if I can do it- so can you.

(P.S. It snowed and we had a level 3 emergency thinger.)

Pattern: Tree Jacket by the Zephyr Gals.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

Needles: Size 9 and 8 (I feel like I’m getting some good use out of the interchangeable needle set I got off of eBay.)

Time to knit: About a bajillion years. Or maybe four months…? Aboutish. It took me a whole season to knit a sweater. So by this logic, I should start one every season so by next winter I’ll actually have some sweaters and I can stop wearing my cats.

What I love: Top down! Basically no seaming (since I don’t think I actually know the right way to seam anyways) and all I had to sew up was the arms and the placement of that is just right so no one can see my poor sewing skills to boot. I think I am a top down advocate now.

What I hate: This yarn was alright but I’m not 100% in love with it when it comes to the garter stitch portions. I just think it’s a little too… scrubby… on the sleeves.

Why you should knit it: Because you love it too, don’t front.

Together we can build a better tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Spring Forward!

  1. Oh! I remember that sweater when it was just a large scarf with shaping and you took a ‘dorky’ photo (which I thought was really cute) of yourself wearing the top half of it! It turned out great! The fit is perfect. Nice work!

  2. I snorted so HARD at the “I can stop wearing my cats” bit!! Yes, I snorted, not laughed. I’ve been sick as hell. This was definitely an easy sweater to knit. And seaming is apparently not as hard as it sounds. But it took me forever to understand, ultimately my LYS owner had to show me step by step. I felt like a doofus because I normally don’t really need that sort of help. I mean, Knittinghelp.com even has a video. That confused me too. lol

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