Follow the Garter Stitch Road…

Somehow I’ve made progress on something…

Okay, so you know things are bad when you get tired of hearing that you’re sick. So I can only imagine how other people feel when they hear that I’m sick. AGAIN… (forever). The first time, I kicked some strong antibiotics back and while I thought it went away and I’d dodged a bullet, turns out I just angered whatever sickness was inside of me to hide for a week, then come out with a vengeance. Leaving me with some sort of awful head congestion cold thing for a week of no knitting, no progress of any sort in any aspect of my life… well except for the being a lazy bum aspect, I’m tops there.

Remember that contest I entered a while back? Well Crazy Aunt Purl sent me a “you don’t suck and I love you even though you didn’t win” prize (aka pity prize if you want to be succinct. psht.) Which included a signed copy of her book, two mixed tapes and a cute thank you card which I definitely hung up on my fridge.

Speaking of fridges, mine is kind of a monster, what about yours?

I have to feed it new magnets monthly or it gets mad and eats my bacon. I can’t have that. I’d post a picture of it but I’m kind of embarrassed at how freaky it is, so post a picture of yours first so I won’t feel so bad.

Also, speaking of books, since I’ve been sick that’s all I’ve been doing. You know, burning them. (Wait, can I get thrown in library prison for saying that?)

iamlegend namesake.jpg thesecrethistory.jpg
(All pictures taken from Goodreads and belong to their respective owners.)

So yeah, if you care about all that, check out my Goodreads profile or leave a message if you have any good book suggestions because I’m always looking.

What else? Oh yeah, someone recommended me as an off beat knitting blog on a livejournal community and described this blog as having “a high cat content and general life content.” (here.) At first it made me antsy, oh no, I’m a high cat content person. (Because I work with a woman who talks to herself a lot and she’s considered a high cat content person. Is that me? Do I talk to myself a lot? Do I have conversations with my cats and not even realize it anymore?) Then I realized I need to stop thinking about it and just embrace my freaky cat crazed blog for what it is. (freaky. cat crazed. rambling and long.)

Sax was almost worried I would get through a post without her.

Hey, since you’ve read this far, do you want my extra copy of Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair? If so, leave a message and let me know, if more than one person wants it, I’ll put names in a hat and have the cats pick. If one person wants it, lucky them!

11 thoughts on “Follow the Garter Stitch Road…

  1. I never noticed your blog having a high cat content. What it does have is a high “awesome bizarre facial expressions” content. Which is made of win. Even the cat in this entry has an awesome bizarre expression!

  2. I love your blog and Sax is just perfect to be a part of it and all of the wackiness!

    I don’t think your prize was a pity prize – it was a well deserved recognition πŸ™‚

  3. The bit about having high cat content may or may not have been what brought me here from that comment on LJ. (But it definitely was.)

  4. Secret History is sooooooo good! Have you read her other book? The Little Friend? Also sooooooo good! I also just finished I Am Legend. Much more interesting than I expected and really well written, some elegant turns of phrase and what not.

    Thanks for the laptop sleeve love. And high cat content is the mark of a true professional (said the blogger with super high cat content).

  5. I love getting packages in the mail. That’s awesome that you got a prize. Sorry you’re sick. I feel your pain. I work with kids all day, so I have been more sick than usual. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Are you kidding? High cat content is what we aim for! Okay, so I supplement with high baby content. πŸ™‚ And probably excessive pictures of myself and my ever changing hair. So at least you’re not the person who actually thinks people care about how your hair looks. lol

    My kids eat my magnets…I wish I knew where they were!

  7. Well, since nobody else seems to have asked for it, I’d be happy to take the book off of your hands! arhylda at aol dot com

    And that picture totally sums up any project with a long expanse of garter stitch, like it’s a neverending road and you can’t possibly take another step/knit one more garter stitch!

  8. I love that the cat stays put for a pic, even if she does looked ticked about it. Kit here moves everytime I try to get a decent pic..so all I get is blurs

  9. I love your blog! And I have been in love with the photo of you and Sax wearing your matching sweaters ever since I saw it on Crazy Aunt Purl (which is how I found your blog, by the way). I was wondering if there was any way I could use it as my desktop photo? It just makes me smile every time I see it…I’m not very tech savvy and I use a mac, but I know how to use jpegs and I’m sure you know more about this stuff than I do. Anyhow, I’m at sarahjdunn@mac.com. Let me know! Thanks so much.

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