The pursuit of happyknits!

Er, Happy Presidents Day?

I’ve been doing some whim knitting lately. The first whim knit was kind of a bust:

Pattern: The Fidget

Knit in some Caron Simply Soft… I guess the whole point of this project was to display fancy pants yarn. Well I don’t have time for yarn snobbery or just general snobbery in my life, which is another story completely.

I’m just sad because I knew the second I finished it that it was an ‘enh’ project that I probably wouldn’t ever think about but whatever, it taught me how to knit one below. So, yaaaay for learning!

My second whim knit was a little more sweet, since I wear it pretty much all the time now:

Pattern: Hannah

Yarn: Sweet sweet Baby Alpaca Chunky by Cascade.

I knit this in a Sunday afternoon while watching one pretty good movie and another terrible terrible movie that suuuuucked. (Surprisingly, it wasn’t Shoot Em Up again.)

Since I seem to only be capable of wearing my hair in a ponytail, this hat was long overdue. Plus I love any pattern that has buttons! Yay buttons! John and I actually went out on Valentine’s day and shopped for buttons. I’m that devoted to them and he’s that devoted to me. 😀

Oh yeah, not to be left out. Sax doesn’t usually like catnip at all but she loved Cath’s homegrown stuff.

Also, I’ve come to terms with being crazy, here’s a video of Sax and her nip:

8 thoughts on “The pursuit of happyknits!

  1. Love your hats and neckwarmer. Which pattern did you use for your neckwarmer? I love the heart buttons!

    I made “Hannah” for my cousin and for myself and LOVE it! Such a great idea and long overdue. The pink is really pretty.

  2. Cool hat for the pony tail do. Gotta love it when your honey will go yarn/button shopping with you. It truly is a testament of their love 🙂

  3. That is hilarious! The video I mean. Yeah, Fidget is great for plush yarns. That, and it’s written for bulkier yarns. lol Maybe if you double stranded it…. Anyways, I wish I could put my hair in a ponytail, I miss that. Right now it’s headbands, headbands, and more headbands.

  4. I like your pink hat, it looks similar to one I knit–ha ha!
    Sax is really involved, looks like he likes having his picture taken.
    What are you knitting on at the present time?

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