They saw me coming…

I went to the yarn store to pick up a book…

Oh yeah, and some chunky alpaca yarn.

Did she see me coming or what? The thing about yarn stores is that you can’t get mad because it’s not high pressure sales really. (Well there is one store around here that I had a high pressure sales experience with but that was just a weird situation, so I don’t know if it counts.) It’s friendly pressure sales. She was my friend who knew I was interested in some yarn (like a month ago) and she happened to get it in (two weeks after I stopped caring) and it was kind of the color I wanted (except a little chalkier than I wanted) so I really couldn’t argue with that.

Dang, am I bitchy or what?

Oh yeah, it’s probably because my cat is in hiding thanks to this little fuzzball:


This is my husbands new cat. I say she’s my husband’s new cat because if I said she was our cat, you would be getting posts from me from the beyond since that is where Sax will send me.

Tensions are running high here. I think we need to get a kitty calmer but dang those things are expensive. At least I coaxed her out from behind the TV and got her to stop hissing long enough to force her to take a yarn shot:

Such a sweetie.

So yeah, we have a new cat! However, we tried calling her Jade, as per Betty’s suggestion and she was having none of that, so we’re still looking for name suggestions. So far the only thing she has responded to was Dilophosaurus and considering I can’t even spell that and she eventually got irritated with the name, we’re back to square one. I honestly think she’s just playing it up. Like she plays up the gimp leg- but that’s another story for another time.

Oh crap, she’s giving Sax a run for her money.

In the next post: actual! finished! project!

3 thoughts on “They saw me coming…

  1. Awww she is so cute! I am sure Sax will chill with her soon. Yesterday we found Poo and Kiki asleep on the same bed so there is always hope. Now it has taken them 6 months to be that close with their guard down.

    I stopped into Temptations on Saturday and one of the things I asked for was that book. They told me they had just sold the last copy. I guess I know where that copy went! šŸ™‚

  2. Man I love kitties! It was so dramatic and traumatizing when we brought Ronan home to meet Chloe and we tried to do all the acclimating things they say to do…but finally we just let them go at it and work it out on their own. That seemed to work just fine. Name the new kitty Oliver after the baby in Shoot ’em Up!

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