FO February

…except maybe not, since I was going to write this post three two days ago and it didn’t happen. I might not be starting this year out on the right foot, now that I think about it. I might be starting it out on the week or so behind foot. Either way, while I was procrastinating on doing everything, I managed to knit myself a hat:

Dizzy Hat by Berroco Design Team.

I used some sweet Caron Simply Soft for this hat with size 8 and size 9 needles.

This hat was basically a “oh crap it’s going to get cold and I don’t know where my hat got to in the move” type knit. You know the kind, right? It was a semi-quick knit, definitely not the fastest hat since it’s not super chunky yarn or anything but it was enjoyable. The pattern was just easy enough that I could knit it while watching Eastern Promises (yikes!) and still read the random subtitles. While being just interesting enough that it still got made.

Can you tell that I’m a fan of a warm head?

What else has been going on? Ennnnnnh.

6 thoughts on “FO February

  1. Just a random passerby =) your hat looks great!

    I’m trying to knit the Dizzy hat too, but something is going wrong with the *yo K1 yo* part… instead of one hole in the lacy part, there’s a knit row dividing it into TWO smaller holes… any idea? did you follow the pattern exactly? Any suggestion/help would be great!! Thanks!

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