Maybe send a search party because I might have died.

The first rule of Fort Snax is… your hair will definitely look freaky.

We had some people over, who (although it’s hard to believe) are also married adults… however it quickly digressed to this:

Snackopolis. This is a Fort City.

I swear- we try to be upstanding and dignified. However, when it’s cold out and you’re bored and you’re with some goofy people, it will almost always end up in a fort. If only to keep warm. Because it all started with people feeling cold, so we brought out alllll of our blankets. (Maybe also a couple of pillows.)

Also, I still haven’t boxed up the Nutcrackers. This laziness has definitely started affecting my knitting. The colder it gets, the lamer I get. I’m not going to lie, I’m going through a [burnt out on knitting] stage.

Sax however is not feeling these same thoughts and is instead very energetic. She’s decided to run for office:

Doesn’t this picture just scream Sax in ’08?

There are others on my flickr. However, she definitely chose the dirtiest corner in the whole place to pose for her campaign shots.

Sorry I’ve been so lame guys. I know I was gone for like two weeks, then I come back with nothing cool to show for it (because I can’t go on with my lace, I just can’t right now) and you don’t even get a crappy souvenir ashtray even though you don’t smoke and it’s kind of insensitive… Geez. You don’t even get an insensitive gift that you can try and sell on eBay. I give up- it’s time to go into hibernation.

Here’s an old picture of the boy knitting (and the cat helping):

3 thoughts on “Maybe send a search party because I might have died.

  1. You’re not lame. I love the fort. Looks toasty. Sax gets my vote man since the other choices are so damn lame. Talk about lame don’t forget the debate tonight at 9.

  2. We will be ready for you when you’re prepared to rejoin society. Also, does Sax have any bumper stickers or lawn signs yet? That’s a candidate I can get behind!

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