The pure mention of this song gets it stuck in my head!

Yesterday I finished Clue One of the Spring Shawl Surprise:

I’ve never taken pictures of lace before, does this look okay? Too busy?

Detail of the side that’s the least jacked up.

Of course, a new clue is out and since Granma is going to be in a car for two days, I’ve got to knock this next one out if I want to keep up with her. When I’m not busy being a lace maniac (complete with trances and possible lace murders) I’m knitting on this puppy:


I turned the heel, so it’s all sunshine and roses here. Well except for the rain and general gloom. But, I did make my own laundry detergent the other day and that’s all that matters! Wait- what?

Oh look, Justin Timberlake (back when he had a bleached ‘fro, has everyone forgotten that fact?)

What are your favorite flashback songs that you either love/hate/love to hate? (Think it out loud in the comments pretty please, I want to know I’m not alone in my delusions.)

12 thoughts on “Flashback!

  1. Congrats on all the lace! That’s quite a bit. I just frogged a lace shawl the other day, so I understand your frustrations.

    I was going to say the “Barbie Girl” song by Aqua, but some else already put it in. I actually have the CD. :-[ SAD!

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