My Lace Face

I cried a little today.

Turns out, I’m not a lace knitter! But I will prevail. Because lace is not going to get the best of me… just yet anyways. I think I’ll suck it up and let it kick me in the face later.

How does Sax feel about it? Just fine:

Unless you try and take her mouse- then she might cut you:

I thought, I need some cheering up, since it took me like two hours to do a row today because I kept messing up… (at least I finally have the right amount of stitches now and if it’s all jacked up, according to my Granma, that just makes it more my (terrible looking) shawl than anyone elses.

Also, let’s be honest here people, this sucker isn’t going to be a shawl, it’s going to be a monster. So I thought, what will cheer me up? … you guessed it!

Googly eyes!

Although… I got a little out of control.


Thanks Amy Sedaris. I definitely feel ready to party!

6 thoughts on “My Lace Face

  1. Thanks, Lindsey. Now you have cheered me up too!
    That lace looks interesting! I think it will make a great shawl or monster – whatever it wants to become!!!!

  2. OMG LMFAO at 12:08 AM……. LACE SUXsssssssssssssssssssss! But this makes me want to move on with my monster too….

  3. Lace is hard for me, too, being counting impaired. It is imperative, I think, to be in an interruption free zone when working on the first, well all, the rows. I’ve really not advanced beyond Feather & Fan, altho I’ve finally incorporated it into a sock after 11 months of trying!

  4. LOL! I just ripped out a lace (with bulky yarn) shawl that I started working on a long time ago. I ripped out and “fixed” the thing like 5 times for the same problem. I tried to stay hopeful, I finally gave up and decided that this yarn didn’t want to be a lace . It wants to be a cabled blanket! Good luck with the lace and those googly eyes are too funny!

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