The Duality of Man

I just watched Full Metal Jacket for the first time the other day. Surprisingly, I’ve seen all of those Vietnam war movies… Apocalypse Now, Deer Hunter, Platoon. So John was pretty horrified when I told him I hadn’t seen Full Metal Jacket since it’s THE Vietnam movie OMGWTFBBQ.

We’re having people over to our place now that we’re respectable, with places to sit, things to set things on… and honestly I just want to show people my washer and dryer because I am ridiculously giddy about them still. Picture it like a game show… only you don’t win anything, you just get to look at the stuff. (So basically a pretty lame game show. A lame show.)

Cath’s cat Poo is the sechsie model for this picture. I freakin LOVE this cat!

This is the new project I started on, a pair of socks for Granma. Cookie A.’s Hedera… While I know that everyone is crazy about her Monkeys, I thought Granma would appreciate some lace in her life, since that’s our theme lately. BTW, I’m excited for the spring shawl suprise to start up. Although I’m a little worried about the lack of written instructions. Hmmm.

Oh yeah and I’m knitting those in some delicious Lorna’s Laces:

40% off baby!

I got the yarn and sent Granma some in ‘grapevine’ and forgot to take some pictures! So hopefully I’ll get to see the socks she makes out of it and can get a picture sometime. Apparently she has some sort of pattern that curves or something, so you do it differently for left and right feet. Leave it to her to find the crazy patterns.

Have you guys noticed that I have a problem? There haven’t been any FO’s in the past month and every other post I’m casting on for some new project or another. I’m getting too distracted by everything. I hope I can calm down and focus on stuff soon. In the meantime, I set up a thing in my closet for my yarn because I’m tired of it getting tangled in that bucket.

Which brings me to my next question/thing I wonder about… do most people who knit have a desire to collect things?

PS: He loved the blanket πŸ˜€

He also loved the game my mom got him for Christmas. In the video he’s playing it with Jimmy. (Which I need to add that I think it’s adorable that Cath and Jimmy are married and both have blogs. TechnoMarrieds.)

Man, these blog entries just keep getting less and less cohesive and more and more wait- what?

6 thoughts on “The Duality of Man

  1. I knew he would love that blanket!
    I’m a knitter and I collect things. I also crochet, quilt, do stained glass, woodworking and just about every other craft there is. So I collect lots of stuff!

  2. That’s a good way to store yarn! I just have mine shoved into a basket or cabinet. Glad your husband liked his blanket! Looks great πŸ™‚

  3. Woohoo! I can comment now! I collect things like it is cool. Which, it might not be. lol Cows, cats, penguins, blankets, notebooks…and of course, yarn. πŸ˜€ We are just hoarders. You look so happy with all of that yarn! Oh, and Hedera is like, my favorite Cookie pattern. Especially when I want to knit something simple but not boring.

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