A disturbing experience.

Okay, so first of all I want you to know that I have been so lazy lately. So I’ll show you the knitting first so you don’t have to skip down to see it.

My good intentions scarf.

I had such high optimistic hopes for this scarf. Had the yarn for a year, its just been sitting around… It was supposed to be for a brother in law for Christmas and I thought, I can do it!

Turns out I can’t. Since I knit so many scarves the first few years I was knitting it turns out that I’m totally burnt out on them. Even though sweaters are just big scarves with shaping, I’m still mildly interested in the sweater I’m knitting…

My progress so far…

See, I haven’t taken any pictures of it lately because the work is slow and unimpressive. Also, for some reason in this picture it looks like I decreased or something but really I’ve been adding stitches in whenever I felt like it. I’m just making all sorts of bad decisions when it comes to this thing!

Oh yeah and Baldy? He just sits in his bag crying.

People were getting all crazy and demanding with their Christmas “requests” but luckily Granma was there to save the day! My MIL is a bit of a… over reactor? She was creeped out by the fact that all the Barbies in her house are naked. What else are Barbies supposed to be? Whatever, Granma to the rescue!

Oh yes and my personal favorite, it’s Hammer Time:

How amazing are those pants??

Okay, so in other news: I’m seriously frightened to go out to dinner anymore.

Earlier this week we went to Longhorn, for what I was hoping was going to be a delicious meal. What I got was pop spilled in my lap and a pretty unapologetic waitress. If you’ve been to one of these steakhouses or types of steakhouse, you can verify that their glasses hold a lot of liquid. a lot. She went to go get a towel and mumbled one “I’m sorry” and I kind of grumbled… it’s okay? Although it wasn’t okay. She completely got me and they had sat us right next to a door (another complaint of mine, since it was pretty much empty when we got there, why did we get sat next to the door…?) so I was pretty much freezing.

Did a manager show up to ask if everything was okay? No. The hostess watched it all happen and didn’t do anything either. They were all talking to the waitress like they were all BFF’s. She brought me some chicken fingers and dropped one of those two and was just like, oops! Seriously- worst waitress ever. She was completely uncaring about treating us like crap. Every time I looked for a manager to complain to, nothing. There was a guy who looked like a manager, who I’d make eye contact with and then he’d go the other way. This place was ridiculously shady.

Then the final insult? She charged me for the drink.

Anyways, I emailed them and got ahold of the district manager who assured me that’s not how they typically do things and would I like some gift cards…? Did my pants need dry cleaned? Am I going to murder everyone who works there? Honestly, when people give you the worst possible service, why is it always protocol to give them gift cards to get them back in again? Why not just refund their original meal? Anyways, supposedly I’ll be getting some giftcards and we’ll probably use them at a different location to see what the deal is. (If you live in or near Columbus- NEVER go to the one at 161 and Cleveland.) The real burn is that we went waaay out of our way, passing other better steakhouses (Texas Roadhouse) to get to this one to have dinner with my mom.

Also, since I’ve been insanely lazy (you have no idea how bad I’ve gotten) and haven’t been cooking ANY food, we’ve been going out a lot this week. Last night was our first time going to Jason’s Restaurant and Bar… I feel like this blog post is getting long since there haven’t been any pictures for a couple of words, so I’ll skip right to the reason I’m terrified right now. We ordered potstickers and they were the most delicious potstickers I’ve had, maybe ever. However, we get to one and guess what? There was a metal shaving on the bottom of it!

A freaking metal shaving guys!

Why does the food industry just have it out for me? I think it’s telling me to be less snarky or something… otherwise they’re going to kill me through sharp metal things in my food, or through hypothermia from spilled drinks combined with being next to a door in winter. Yikes!

At least at this place the waiter was awesome. He was upset, explained how it had happened (metal wok, metal wisk = internal bleeding) and comped our wonderful potstickers. Then made a joke about it, which put me at ease and we finally got some attention.

I’m not a food critic, I just eat out when I can, so you can disregard this next part. Something about Jason’s was totally not jiving with me. First of all, it was really busy, there were these huge parties there and they were all quite loud. So I’m not about to blame them for the Really Loud Person (RLP) that was next to us. Not only was she an RLP but she was also a clapper. I mean, she clapped about every two minutes. Like we were at a concert or something.

The thing was, the acoustics in the restaurant were just bad. I’m not the type of person to notice that kind of thing either- unless something is really wrong. Well it was really wrong. On one half of the booth we were in, it was so loud you couldn’t hear the other person. On the other half it was still kind of loud but it wasn’t too bad and it made you go… why is the person across from me yelling?

Jason’s seems like the kind of place where the owner, Jason, makes really good food. However… that doesn’t necessarily mean you should have a restaurant. The parking, like all parking in Old Dublin, sucked. It was really loud. It seemed like a nice place and all but then they had white sheets of paper on the table. That takes the class right out. The acoustics were messed up and there was a metal shaving in my food. However, the food was really good. I think we might go back… on a night that’s really dead. Although, I wouldn’t order what I got because it kind of sucked, since it’s me… and there was probably rat poison in it or something.

You’ll never take me alive food industry!

5 thoughts on “A disturbing experience.

  1. Note to self…. Never eat at Longhorn again. I am bummed about the Jason’s thing because it looks like a really cute place and in the summer the outside seating looks way cool. J & I have wanted to go there but after this I am not so sure. I am glad you don’t have food rot today. šŸ™‚

  2. Sorry, I forgot to comment on the Barbie clothes that Granma made. Beautiful! Barbie will be warm and tres chic this winter! Is Barbie supposed to wear that Santa suit? Or is there a Ken doll around somewhere too?

  3. Sorry you had such a bad experience! My cousin used to be a waiter at the Rainforest Cafe and he spilled a drink on someone’s BABY. He gave them a free t-shirt so the baby would have something dry to wear and his manager actually yelled at him about it! Terrible.

    Barbie in hammer pants! Lol! I remember when my sister actually owned a pair and wore them to school! Too funny!

  4. Those Barbie clothes are darn nifty!

    I ate at Jason’s once. Nothing bad happened, but I haven’t had any desire to go back, probably because the atmosphere wasn’t relaxing at all. I stopped going to Longhorn years ago.

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