Complete fluff.

I just decided, why not make a completely fluff post? (We can pretend all of these aren’t usually that and act like me acknowledging it this time gives the other ones some substance, kthx.) Most of these I found through this forum that I’m on… it’s strictly for robots though.

Wizard Swears:


You wanna buy a ghost?

Disturbing alternate DuckTales intro:

Also, if you don’t live around Ohio, we actually got some snow. It’s winter before February this year. Weird.

I was feeling so stressed out by holiday knitting and just decided to give up on the projects I’m working on right now and read the rest of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. Wow! That book was so lame at the beginning but it definitely picked up. Well everything good happened in like a three day span that made me think we could’ve just cut through the preceding months of back story and gotten right to the chase. Of course back in the day I guess people wanted to get their monies worth when it came to books… or something.

Real Talk.

(If you click it, obviously since it’s R. Kelly, it’s NSFW… probably not safe for most living organisms either, hehehe.)

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