Somebody needs to stop me.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my personal links are growing a little bit out of control. Plus, thanks to a buddy I’ve just found a new site to be creepy about.

But what I’m really saying is that if you like to read, you should join and add me as a friend so I can look at the books you like and we can talk about books and how much we like them.

It’s kind of scary though. I wasn’t like this before. It seemed like the only thing ever on TV were stories about people, especially kids getting abducted or murdered because of posting too much crap on the internet. They had me freaked out man. I would watch shows on how to evade kidnappers. How if you flipped the lights off and on really fast it was a sign to neighbors that you were kidnapped and if someone grabs you that pulling away only makes them grab you harder- you’ve got to pinwheel that arm to get them to let go.


Then the past year or so I’ve signed up for all kinds of stuff, giving everyone who asks more than enough information than they’ve ever wanted to know about a stranger. Suck it proper decorum.

Boy and kitty together in harmony.

No, but really, if you join goodreads, let me know and we’ll have chats about books and things. Or we could just talk about books without a website-

What are you reading anyways?

Today I had to broach the subject of where my money was with my boss. (Since my direct deposit isn’t set up yet.) He showed me the magical money cabinet that I would never have known about had I not asked. No really, I had to go through the wardrobe into Narnia and success! money time. What can I say except:

Thanks for saying it for me Married to the Sea.

2 thoughts on “Somebody needs to stop me.

  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH noooooooooooooooooo another place to hang out on the internet. I use to read 23.5 hours a day until I picked up the knitting needles again. Now I am listening to books on tape. I love that site. I joined and added you.

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