Stuff that makes me sad

Let’s start with the obvious:

Now that I work at a library it’s like “oh hey, I can check out any book I want to!” Plus since I’m there all the time, I can return them on time… although I don’t think it matters since (supposedly) I don’t get fined. Yeah right.

My copy of Little Women is so badly abused. The spine broke, pages are all shifted from where they’re falling out. Yet somehow the libraries copy has withstood the test of time? Jesus, I need to check myself. (Before I wreck myself. Word.)

What else makes me sad? Contests.

I entered two knitting contests this year. The first was earlier in the year, it was the knitty calendar contest.

(There was another photo I submitted, it’s around here somewhere…)

Yep, that’s Victoria from knitty. Those are from our wedding, in Hawaii. So, maybe they felt like I’d already won.

Cat hate.

This one also didn’t win! It was for the Crazy Aunt Purl sweater contest. However, it is chillin in the photo gallery for the contest, which if you haven’t checked out yet, you should. Although, it’ll take a while to go through. At least a loooot of people get to see it thanks to her gallery, which it hardly sees the light of day in my flickr.

Anyways, I don’t want to get myself down thinking about how I’m a total loser. Lame.

Oh great! Another downer. Garter stitch is getting me down man, it’s like… the man, man. Especially when you have to go out of your way to make it garter stitch. It’s one thing when it just happens naturally, you’re like alright, fine. Then when it’s time to actually knit one row, purl another to get the illusion of garter stitch it’s kind of like let’s smack this pony on the ass and giddyup. (To take a phrase from my dad.)

Also, I’m on dessert duty for Thanksgiving. Which is great because I love to bake (and never get to since someone doesn’t eat sweets. Or read this blog so my guilt trip will go unnoticed.) but at the same time… everyone wants pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving right? Nobody wants Thanksgiving muffins. So, I’m resigned, pumpkin pie. Maybe I could slip another dessert in without anyone noticing? Eh?

You know what doesn’t make me sad though? You. Leave me some love. ❤

11 thoughts on “Stuff that makes me sad

  1. You are a winner in my book! I love the curlers man! I think you should make another dessert to go with the pumpkin pie. Something chocolate perhaps?

  2. You never told me you were married in Hawaii? Way cool…. We will have to trade stories about Hawaii sometime.

  3. Hello! I found you from CAP’s site.

    I never win contests. The fact that I still enter them is definitely the triumph of hope over experience.

    I *love* the photo of you and your cat! Too funny. (definitely should have been a winner)

  4. I LOVED your photo the best for the Crazy Aunt Purl contest! All the sweaters were great but I would have picked you as the winner!!

  5. This photo is fantastic. I created a wordpress account just to comment and tell you how much I like your photo. I suggest you put something on your blog so that people can contact you without having to do the wordpress registration, which I and perhaps others find very off-putting (I mean, the requirement to register and etc discourages people from commenting). I think you have a wonderful sense of visual humor. cheers – L

  6. Sorry guys! I didn’t realize how messed up wordpress is with the comments, I’m going to try and fix them, so if you want to send me something without signing up, please send me an email at apocaknits@gmail.com. Thanks!

  7. Ooooo, I’m really loving that photo of the woman (you?) and the cat!! It is really nice!!!

    I do not know what “oppskrift” (norvegian) is in english, but if you can tell me how I can make a cat sweather (is this the right word??) I would really be very thankful…..but maybe my cat will be a little frustrated….;-)

    I’m sorry by the way my blog is only in norwegian…. I’m not very good in english……….*blush* (that is the right word isn’t it;-)

  8. Saw you and kitty on Aunt Purl blog you both look so warm in your matching sweaters. I looked for the info on your blog as to the pattern but missed it. Would you mind telling me the pattern you used? I really like the color combo you picked out. Great job on the sweater I can see myself keeping warm this winter in one of those. Your pic was a hoot this morning! Thanks Sue.

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